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Thread: Gordon not fined for skipping Victory Lane

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    I'm just curious as to what Victory Lane protocol Mike Helton will issue tomorrow in the driver's meeting.

    Something needs to be done but Helton and France are ruining this sport, IMHO

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeguy
    the victory circle is sponcered by Powerade, thats why they put the darn bottle on the cars, basically nascar sold the name of victory/winners circle to a sponcer, so it victory circle by powerade. I think its the dumbeset idea they have come up with yet, but i think your right, stick the damn logo up on the screen so you don't get these car sponcership conflicts going. or....when the driver is doing the interview have them comment on how powerade is not a sponcer of the car just the winners circle and thats the only reason its allowed ont he car.....
    Good thinking. If all the sponsors refused to have the dumb bottle of Powerade sitting on their cars, wonder what would happen then? I don't see why a car that Pepsi, or whoever, has paid a mint to sponsor has to have Powerade sitting on the roof. Let them put a big banner behind the winners circle and that's enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glennajo
    Tony definitely would have gotten fined, because in NASCAR's eyes, Tony is a trouble maker. Gordon, however, has a clean slate. Therefore, no fine.
    So now do you think Helton/NASCAR will make a ruling on getting ill and not being able to make it to the Powerade Victory Lane?
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    I wouldn't be surprised...

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