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Thread: The 2004 Summer Olympics From Athens, Greece

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    Most Definitely !!
    Go Canada Go

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    Sprinter Edwards Gets Two-Year Suspension for Doping

    ATHENS, Greece (Aug. 11) -- U.S. sprinter Torri Edwards was suspended for two years for taking a banned stimulant, making her ineligible for the Athens Olympics, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said Wednesday.

    Edwards was a medal contender in the 100 and 200 meters at the games. She is the reigning world champion in the 100 and finished second in that event at the U.S. Olympic trials last month.

    Edwards has appealed to the Swiss-based Court of Arbitration for Sport, whose decision is final, USADA said. The CAS has set up a tribunal in Athens during the Olympics and is expected to rule on her appeal before track and field events start next week.

    Unless the suspension is overturned, her Olympic spot in the 100 will be offered to Gail Devers, who finished fourth at the U.S. trials. Devers' agent told The Associated Press earlier Wednesday the five-time Olympian will run in the 100 if Edwards is suspended, meaning Marion Jones will not get a chance to defend her gold medal in the event.

    Edwards' spot in the 200 will be offered to LaShaunte'a Moore, who was fourth at the U.S. trials in that event.

    Edwards tested positive at a meet in Martinique in April, but she blamed a glucose supplement she took because she wasn't feeling well. She said she was unaware it contained the stimulant nikethamide, and that her physician bought the glucose at a store there.

    An arbitration panel that first heard her case said there might have been "exceptional circumstances." But the International Association of Athletics Federations rejected that argument and relied on the "strict liability" standard in track and field doping cases that declares athletes are responsible for anything in their bodies -- no matter how it got there.

    Edwards could not immediately be reached Wednesday for comment, but her track club has said the suspension is unfair. The HSInternational club pointed out that Edwards faces the same punishment as Kelli White, who was banned for two years for taking steroids, EPO and other drugs.

    If Devers does not take Edwards' spot in the 100, Jones would be next in line as the fifth-place finisher at the U.S. trials.

    Devers also will compete in the 100-meter hurdles, in which she will be a favorite. The 37-year-old Devers, a two-time gold medalist in the 100, will have to run six races in the first five days of the track competition if she competes in both events.

    "Gail knows what it takes. She's been there before," Foster said. "As far as I'm concerned, she can do it."


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    I'm gonna be glued to the screen for swimming and gymnastics. They don't show that much on broadcast, and a lot of the other stuff I wanna see, like fencing, is on the cable channels.
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    I'm going to try and catch as much as I can, but due to work commitments, I can only catch the evening events and highlights

    I like to watch events that are not nornally shown on TV, like judo, fencing, rowing and cycling.
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    i love love love love the olympics! i watch swimming, gymnastics and the opening ceremony.
    GO USA!!

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    Opening Ceremony is tomorrow! Hopefully it will be entertaining because it's like 4 hours long!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJeterFan
    I love the Olympics. I can't wait for women's gymnastics, but I'll also watch swimming and track and whatever else looks good. GO USA!
    Hey DJ I love your avatar! Who is it? I love women's gymnastic too, but I can't make out who it is!

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    I can't wait! I went to Atlanta in 96 and saw women's gymnastics, some track and diving as well as a round of fencing.

    I love the opening ceremonies. I love the summer olympics!

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    Sticking Together In Rough Water

    SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 11, 2004

    (CBS) A key member of the U.S. synchronized swimming team, Tammy Crow, was in a fatal car crash in February 2003.

    After staying up almost all night, she skidded off a mountain road and crashed into a tree.

    Tammy's two passengers died: her boyfriend, Cody Tatro, and a 12-year-old boy, Brett Slinger.

    Tammy was charged with vehicular manslaughter and sentenced to 3 months of prison, to be served after the Olympics.

    But despite controversy and questions about whether she deserved to represent her country, Tammy's teammates stood by her.

    National Correspondent Hattie Kauffman told Tammy's story on The Early Show.

    Modern synchronized swimming demands enormous strength. The swimmers on the U.S. Olympic team tread water for up to eight hours a day, six days a week. And a lot of time, they're under water.

    Their sport, so full of grace, is actually grueling.

    "There's weightlifting, there's balance, there's flexibility, grace, stamina," says their coach. Chris Carver. "You can absolutely get injured in it."

    And you can't let any of those injuries stop the show, a metaphor for their resilience in the midst of tragedy.

    A key member of the team, Tammy Crow, was in a fatal car crash in February 2003. After staying up almost all night, she skidded off a mountain road and crashed into a tree. Tammy's two passengers died: her boyfriend, Cody Tatro, and a 12-year-old boy, Brett Slinger.

    Police say Tammy was driving too fast. She was charged with vehicular manslaughter. She pleaded no contest and was sentenced to 3 months of prison to be served after the Olympics. The ruling sparked controversy - especially when the parents of Brett Slinger complained.

    "You know, I didn't ask for special circumstances, and I'm really thankful that the judge, you know, decided to postpone her sentence," says Tammy.

    Cody's mother says Tammy should be allowed to compete.

    "I know that she'll stand there, and she'll look up just as I would and say, 'See, Cody? We did it, and we did it together,'" says Mary Tatro.

    While Cody's mom has been very supportive, Brett's parents have not been.

    "I just wish that they would be able to see who I really am and how this last year has also affected me," says Tammy. "I still really care about Brett and I care about, you know, their grieving process."

    Tammy says it was an accident.

    The US Olympic Committee was asked to decide if Tammy Crow could still represent the United States and compete in the Olympics, even though she is going to jail.

    This spring, the USOC ruled she could be on the team. But it's not just legal problems she's had to overcome. Her arm was broken in four places. No one knew if she could be in shape for the games.

    "My teammates, our staff, my coaches, really believed in me," says Tammy.

    Teammate Becky Jasontek says, "We're a family. We're like nine sisters, and whatever happens to Tammy happens to each of us and we wanted to help her through this."

    Teammate Alison Bartosik adds, "If you know Tammy, you know that she's a fighter, and truly loves to swim. So I don't think we had any doubt that she'd be right back in with us."

    "We've been through a lot in the past two years, but it certainly has made our bond stronger, and you know anyone of us that would have anything, any bad day, any rough time, any problem outside of the pool, you'd be right there for each other, no matter what it was," says teammate Lauren McFall.

    Just the way it is inside the pool.

    The U.S. team is currently ranked third in the world, and feel they can compete strongly for the gold. As for Tammy Crow, her three-month prison sentence will begin in October.

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    Swimming, gymnastics, track and field, fencing, diving.

    Perhaps a few other events.
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