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Thread: The 2004 Summer Olympics From Athens, Greece

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    I think I have found out every result either by accident or on purpose before I have seen it on tv. For the rest of the Olympics I will have to either not talk to anyone or not watch any tv (except for Olympic coverage) or not go online.
    I know!! I can't even come on this site because some people are putting things in their signatures before they air on NBC (like today I found out Phelps got bronze, and I was really looking forward to watching that!! ). I can't watch the local news and when I open the internet, I hold my hand over the screen until I get to a non-spoiler site.

    Tomorrow is the women's gymnastics final and I don't want to be spoiled at all because it's my favorite event. The problem is, I'm going to the Yankees/Twins games in Minnesota to see my man Derek Jeter. So not only will I have to avoid all media and technology all day tomorrow, but I'll have to tape the event and hope it's over before I get home so I can rewind it and watch it.

    Sigh. So complicated.

    Side note: Congratulations to Natalie Coughlin on her gold medal today!

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    Many congrats to Natalie Coughlin! She almost didn't get it though. .13 of a second. I'm so glad she won though. She's just so cute and happy, you have to root for her.

    The 200m Freestyle was amazing! Michael Phelps really could have caught up with van der Hoogenband had there been a few more feet.

    Did anyone watch the women's synchronized diving? Those Chinese girls were SO good. Almost no splash on one of the dives that they got a few 10s on.

    I'm watching the mens gymnastics right now. Morgan Hamm and Paul Hamm were really really good at the floor exercise. They remind me of the guy on Joe Schmoe 2.

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    where its beautiful one day perfect the next
    I am going to have a little bit of a brag and them come down to reality
    We are doing really well at the moment second in the medal tally with 6 gold, two silver and I think 5 bronze. May get a couple more medals in the paddling and maybe the water polo and hockey perhaps some more in cycling. Then our games will be over because when it comes to Athletics & Gymnastics & basketball & baseball we suck. Thats when all the other countries catch up and over take us. We always look so good in the first week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulie
    As far as the USA Basketball team goes, you could almost see this one coming. And it could get far worse for them as the tournament progresses. I was unhappy with them being referred to as "the current edition of the Dream Team" even before they lost. But now it's just a ridiculous embarrassment. In my mind, there was only ONE Dream Team, the original 1992 Barcelona bunch. You're talking over half a dozen sure-fire Hall of Famers in that group (Jordan, Magic, Bird, Admiral, Mailman, Stockton, Sir Charles), 3 other strong candidates (Drexler, Pippen, Ewing), and a great pure shooter who was at the top of his game (Chris Mullin). Throw in the #1 college player of the year that year (Christian Laettner), and you truly did have a Dream Team. And they played like it. 114 points per game or so, margin of victory an AVERAGE of 44 points. Those guys knew how to play basketball, and they were a joy to watch. These new clowns...give me a break. They're SO far from being a Dream Team they can't even place a local call to the Dream Team from where they are. I think there's a strong possibility this group won't even sniff a medal of any color, let alone win the gold.
    Amen. The original Dream Team played as a team, something that this team definitely lacks.
    Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day---Harry S. Truman

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    Quote Originally Posted by BravoFan
    I absolutely feel like I must comment on the attire that the women's beach volleyball players wear.

    When did this tradition start? Has it always been this way?

    I don't know, it makes ME uncomfortable watching them (not because the bikinis are pretty skimpy, but because it looks like it would be uncomfortable!) When you're participating in sports the last thing you want to worry about is making sure that your underwear/bikini isn't riding up.

    Seems like it would have been more sensible to choose something like the cute "boy short" swim suits for women.

    Anyone else curious about this?
    I'm curious about why beach volleyball is even an Olympic sport.
    I mean, come on, it's ridiculous.
    There is already regular "wearing clothes" volleyball on the schedule.
    They had a story on The Today Show this morning about a bunch of bikini clad dancers from the Canary Islands who do little dance routines during the breaks in the matches.
    Apparently one of the Aussie ladies isn't impressed because (paraphasing) "there shouldn't be other people there in bikinis".
    I guess if anyone is going to provide salacious entertainment and possible involuntary ride up the Aussie thinks the players should be the ones to do it.

    On anther note, I'm so pleased that The Thorpedo won the 200 free.
    I thought I'd really dislike Phelps, but saw him interviewed the other day and he seemed like a really nice, down to earth young man.
    I'm still glad Thorpe won though.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    I'm watching the mens gymnastics right now. Morgan Hamm and Paul Hamm were really really good at the floor exercise. They remind me of the guy on Joe Schmoe 2.

    I think they are twins but not exactly identical. One of them really reminds me of Tim Walsch from JS2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unexplained
    I watched the Men's 200m Freestlyle Swimming with bated breath. It was too good a competition to miss.
    Uh-huh. Though of course, Phelps was hyped to the skies, not the least by the U.S. media and his sponsors. Talented? Definitely. Hubristic? Well, considering the competition - maybe

    And to think his teammate Peirsol had the nerve, after the race, to call Phelps "the greatest swimmer in the world right now, and definitely for a long time." What does that make Thorpe (or even Hoogenband) then? Chopped liver? Americans can be so provincial sometimes. :rolleyes

    On the bright side, I watched the men's gymnastics team finals last night, and was relatively happy with the results. I wish China had done better, but I don't begrudge the U.S. and Japan's victories. They were a long time in coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unexplained
    oh. my. god. stop with the flower girl wreaths on their head. does everyone who places wear one of these? guess not since guy on the left is too cool for it.

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    AmandaFabulous, I think Pieter had to wear the girly wreath on his head too. But he took it off the next second after he got the medal. Too cool.

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    Yep, everyone gets a wreath put on their head.

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