Okay folks, here are the results from the Tuesday niht taping of Velocity and Smackdown:


Velocity opened up with Charlie Haas fighting Sakoda. Miss Jackie came to the ring with Charlie. It was a very decent match. No interference by Jackie. Sakoda put up a good fight, but Charlie took home the victory. After the match, Charlie & Jackie hugged and he pointed up at the ceiling. If you don't know, it's to honour his brother, Russ. Meanwhile, Sakoda complained.

Next up we had Johnny Stamboli fighting Scoot Andrews. go watch Scoot wrestles every month at NWA Florida, excellent mat wrestler. But of course, the WWE regular, Johnny Stamboli won.

The ring crew set up a big glass mirror in the ring. Teddy Long came to the ring and talked about how good Mark Jindrak is. Teddy introduced him as The Reflection Of Protection. Mark Jindrak came out, and had a very good entrance. Teddy continued to talk about Mark. Hardcore Holly came out and we got this one underway. Hardcore Holly won. That made Jindrak look weak after all the hype they gave him before the match. Now, here's what you've been waiting for.
The Live report, from SmackDown!:

SmackDown! opened up with John Cena coming out. He talked about how he was tombstoned last week and that he wants an explanation from The Undertaker. That led Kurt Angle out. Kurt came out in a wheel chair while Luther Raines was his pusher. They insulted each other back and forth. Kurt did a rap, and it impressed Cena. John Cena said that he was gonna smack Kurt Angle and that he would leave town quicker than Tracy McGrady. Kurt said that John is a bigger loser than the Orlando Magic. They always find a way to diss teams. Kurt Angle told John Cena that tonight, he would face The Undertaker. Cena didn't look too happy.

Next up, was the 10 man battle royal, where the winner, would face Rey Mysterio at The Great American Bash with the belt on the line. Among these men were Kidman, London, Moore, Chavo, and more. But before we could get this thing underway, the Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio came out and sat at the announcer's table with Michael Cole and Taz. Chavo Guerrero won and after the match the usual challenger-champion confrontation happened.

They showed the cement truck. Paul Heyman was shown backstage on his cell phone. He had a blue print in his hand of the cement crypt. He said that he didn't want that. He said that he wanted a cement crypt that nobody can get in or out, and that from all directions, everybody can see what's going on inside of it. It appeared as if his request was accepted. He got off of the phone all happy. The Dudleyz approached Heyman and asked them about The Undertaker doing the right thing. Heyman said he had it all under control. But The Dudleyz weren't too sure that they can trust Heyman.

They were interuppted as Mordecai attacked Hardcore Holly. They brawled all over until road agents broke it up.

Meanwhile, in Kurt Angle's office, Luther and Kurt were talking. John Bradshaw Layfield then came in. He said that there's even a bigger pain on SmackDown! than Cena and that's Eddie Guerrero. He said that Eddie should have a match tonight so that he can learn some respect. JBL suggested Luther Raines and it was made official by GM Kurt.

Billy Gunn defeated Kenzo Suzuki by DQ. Suzuki's valet threw something in Gunn's eyes. It looked like powder.

Sable and Torrie Wilson were shown arguing backstage. Sable said that it's not only Torrie promoting GAB. After the 2 insulted each other, Sable attacked Torrie.

Rene Dupree defeated Rob Van Dam. Booker T was at ringside. After the match, Dupree taunted Booker.

Eddie Guerrero defeated Luther Reigns by Disqualification when John Bradshaw Layfield interfered. The two brawled with the bullrope after the match.

The Undertaker defeated John Cena in the main event.