Here is the results fron Tuesday nights taping for the airing of the 6/17/04 airing of Smackdown...includng the taping for the 6/19/04 airing of Valocity...(also a dark match.)

Dark Match:

*Billy Kidman pinned Carly Colon with the shooting star press.

Velocity Taping:

*Jamie Knoble pinned Paul London.

*The Full Blooded Italians Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli defeated Akio & Sakoda.

- Bill DeMott and Josh Matthews came to ringside to call the next match.

*Mark Jindrak pinned Hardcore Holly. Holly got a big reaction live.

-They began setting up for Smackdown. The Velocity announcers left, followed by the introduction of Tazz and Michael Cole live.


*The Dudley Boyz defeated Rico and Charlie Haas to win the WWE Tag Team championships. Bubba Pinned Rico with his feet on the ropes. Haas had bumped Jackie Gayda off the apron and was checking on her outside of the ring during the pin.

*At the ramp, Paul Heyman greeted the Dudleys. After Heyman did a long interview explaining that at the Great American Bash PPV, it would be The Undertaker vs. The Dudleys in a handicap match. Heyman explained that The Undertakers conscience (Paul Bearer) would be sitting inside a glass crypt for everyone to see at the PPV and if Undertaker didnt do the right thing, they would fill the crypt with cement. They had a coffin and cement truck for visual effect.

*WWE champion Eddie Guerrero is in the ring right now for an interview.

*WWE champion cut a promo in the ring, challenging John Bradshaw Layfield to come out. Instead The Bashams came out, telling Eddie they have unfinished business. This led to...

*WWE champion Eddie Guerrero pinned Doug Basham.

-Backstage, John Cena came to Kurt Angles office. Angle tells Cena that later tonight, he will have to team with Rob Van Dam vs. Rene Dupree and Booker T. Angle also said the Great American Bash 4 way will be an elimination bout.

-Backstage, Funaki (dressed like Cena) does a battle rap with John Matthews. Funkai makes fun of Kurt Angle. Angle tells Funaki he will face Luther Raines.

*Kenzo Suzuki pinned Spike Dudley.

*They aired news footage about John Bradshaw Layfield being fired by CNBC. Layfield cut a promo in the ring saying that CNBC never called him, and that American media stinks because it focuses on the negative. Eddie Guerrero came out and brawled with Layfield.

*Rey Mysterio pinned Chavo Classic to win the WWE Cruiserweight championship in a short match. Classic hugged Chavo Guerrero in the ring after the match.

-Backstage, they showed Luther Raines preparing for his match against Funaki.

*Luther Raines pinned Funaki. Raines warned that anyone who messes with Kurt Angle and has to go through him. Angle comes out and made Raines beat down Funkai.

*Torrie Wilson comes out dressed like Uncle Sam promoting the PPV.

*Backstage, Booker T is interviewed by Josh Matthews, saying he got screwed out of beating John Cena last week. Rene Dupree warned Booker that he better have Dupree's back tonight.

*In the ring right now is John Cena and Rob Van Dam vs. Rene Dupree and Booker T.

*Rob Van Dam & John Cena vs. Booker T & Rene Dupree Cena and RVD ended up fighting during the bout after clearing the ring of the heels. The lights go out and Undertaker appears and is in the ring. He tombstones Cena. Paul Heyman and The Dudleys come out. It appears the show ends here.
After the tv portion of the show ends, The Dudleys try to shake Undertaker's hand. John Bradshaw Layfield comes out and after some banter, ends up chokeslam by the undertaker.