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Wallace hits 228 in unrestricted test Report

Rusty Wallace hit 228 mph in a private test at Talladega Superspeedway, running without a restrictor plate on the engine of his No. 2 Dodge.

"We hit 228 (mph) at the end of the straightaway and averaged 221 (mph) for that overall lap segment," Wallace said Wednesday after the test, for NASCAR and Racing Radios at the 2.66-mile Alabama track.

"We'd all been wondering what it would feel like to run at Talladega again without the (restrictor) plates and now I know. I'll bet we could be running speeds up to 235 (mph) without the plates if we spent time doing some tweaking.

"But I'll tell you this: There's no way we could be out there racing at those speeds," Wallace offered. "It was neat to be out there running that fast by myself, but it would be insane to think we could have a pack of cars out there doing that."

Wallace's speed far exceeded the official track qualifying record of 212.809 mph (44.998 seconds), set by Bill Elliott on April 30, 1987.

"They were timing lap segments and straightaway speeds and Rusty's fastest lap had him running an average 221 mph in that segment and 228 mph at the end of the straightaway," said crew chief Larry Carter, who flew to Talladega with Wallace after testing at Sonoma, Calif., on Tuesday.

"The overall lap time was a 44.27 (seconds, or 216.309 mph) and that beat Elliott's old record by more than seven-tenths (of a second).

"It was some sight to see, I'll tell you that."
With the way they are driving now a days, at that speed they could take out the whole pack in a "Big One"