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Thread: WWE "Spoilers"

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    Taping for the 6/3/04 airing of Smackdown and other WWE info.. Warning...**SPOILER**

    Hey everybody, okay I have the Results for Tomorrow nights 6/3/04 airing of WWE Smackdown and saturday nights 6/5/04 airing of WWE Valocity. If you want to wait and watch, please skip this thread. Here goes:


    Mark Jindrak w/ Theodore Long def. Kidman via Pinfall when Jindrak reverses a Kidman high spot.

    Rico and Charlie Hass w/ Miss Jackie def. Akio and Sakoda to retain the WWE Tag Titles via Pinfall when Hass pined Sakoda with a German Suplex with a Bridge
    Spike Dudley def. Shannon Moore via Pinfall when Dudley hit the Dudley Dog.


    Booker T said he wasn't afraid of the Undertaker. Cena came out and said Booker almost cost him his title last week and wants a match. Angle refused to let Cena have the match which eventually led to a brawl between Booker T and Cena. Cena would knock over Angle and Angle would then say he is going to the board of directors to strip Cena of the US Title.

    Eddie Guerrero def. Danny Basham w/Doug Basham in a Non-Title Match via Pinfall after the Frog Splash.

    Kenzo Suzki debuts next week.

    Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly def. The F.B.I. via Pinfall when Gunn pinned Nunzio after Holly and Nunzio hit a Powerbomb-Running Neck Breaker Combo.

    ahhhh the ladies showing some skin.... ;-)
    Miss Jackie def. Sable, Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson via Crowd Decision. Basically Noble was the guest host and the girls beat him down after the event.

    Chavo Classic (SR.) w/ Chavo Guerrero (JR.) def. Funaki via Pinfall after (JR.) knocked Funaki off the top rope and Classic got the pin. Some ladies jumped the guard rail and celebrated with Classic, however it was later revealed that Classic paid the ladies for their services. It led to (JR.) saying he was proud of his father.

    Rey Mysterio def. Rene Dupree w/ Fifi via Pinfall after Mysterio rolled through a Dupree Powerbomb Attempt.

    JBL promo saying it will be a Bullrope Match -vs- Eddie Guerreo for Eddies WWE Championship belt at the Great American Bash pay per veiw.

    Undertaker vs. Booker T went to a no-decision after the match was interrupted by Paul Heyman and the Dudley Boyz. Heyman told Taker he was one week to make a decision. He can either join the Dudley Boyz and Heyman in their stable and get back Paul Bareer or he will never see his urn or Paul again.
    After the cameras stopped, JBL came out and cut a promo on Canada and Taker. He attacked Taker followed by Dupree, Dudley Boyz and Booker T (who was still at ringside). Cena and Guerrero made the save which led to Booker T getting Chokeslamed to end the night.

    Also it's reported that the newest WWE superstar "Mortachi" will do something "SHOCKING" in his next couple of prmos during Smackdown, its supposed to start tomorrow night or next week, I will be watching...

    "Conan" who currently wrestles for NWA-TNA has said that he is in talks with Vince McMahon and will go to the WWE soon.

    Also wrestling superstar "Sting" has been in serious talks with Vince McMahon and is very close to signing a contract to come work for the WWE for the first time. He once said that he was not interested working for the WWE but has now changed his mind. His problem at first was he did not want to work as many dates or a full schedule, so Vince has agreed to let him work a limited schedule (all TV and few house shows). He should be working for the WWE by mid summer.

    That's it folks, and don't forget if you live in the Washingto/DC/Northern VA area, tickets for Monday Night RAW for 7/19/04 go on cell on 6/19/04... I will have dates for other areas soon.
    see ya..if ya smell what I'm cookin....., hahahaa
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    WWE "Spoiler" for tonights 6/10/04 Smackdown

    *SPOILERS* WWE Velocity & Smackdown Taping Results from Uniondale, NY

    Dark matches

    Funaki beat Carlito Colon


    Mark Jindrak beat Billy Kidman

    Billy Gunn & Bob Holly beat so new no name guys... (we are looking for the names of these

    Spike Dudley beat Akio

    Rico beat Jamie Noble


    Kurt Angle demanded Booker T and John Cena apologizer over last week. Booker did, but of course Cena wouldn't. Angle then ordered Cena to wrestle Booker, RVD and Rene Dupree on the show and the first one to beat him faces him for the title at the Great American Bash.

    Kenzo Suzuki beat Scotty 2 Hotty.
    Suzuki was carried to the ring like he was a ruler. His wife was managing him.

    Rey Mysterio beat Chavo Guerrero when Classic's interference backfired.

    Paul Heyman and the Dudleys were in the secret place they are hiding Paul Bearer. Heyman said he was going to Nassau to confront Undertaker.

    Cena draw Booker T
    Cena draw RVD. These were 5:00 time limit matches and RVD had Cena beat when time expired
    Cena draw Dupree. Angle ordered another 5:00. Cena used the FU to pin Dupree. Angle was so mad he said it didn't count, and ordered a four-way with Cena vs. Booker vs. RVD vs. Dupree for the U.S. title at the Bash.

    Bradshaw arrived in his limo. He did a promo, and said he was headed back to the City. Eddy Guerrero was driving his limo as he left.

    Mordecai beat Paul London

    Guerrero drove the limo back, crashing the limo everywhere. Bradshaw was in the back, knocked out and covered in muck. Guerrero led the crowd to scream loud enough to wake Bradshaw up. As he stumbled out, Guerrero cut a promo on him while Bradshaw freaked out about his destroyed limo. Paul Heyman came out and said Undertaker would either join him or destroy him. They teased Taker destroying him, but Heyman held up the urn, and Undertaker dropped to his knee as the show went off the air.

    (AFTER THE CAMERASWAS OFF) Undertaker destroyed Bradshaw.
    I'll get you my pretty, and your little dog too...

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