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Thread: Do Pro Athletes Get Paid Too Much?

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    Do Pro Athletes Get Paid Too Much?

    This topic was spurred by comments in the Boot Camp forum.

    Do pro athletes gat paid too much? If you think so, who's fault is it?
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    I think baseball players do.

    I had this discussion with someone in England once about footballers.
    The career is relatively short and there are so few coaching or managerial positions in comparission to the number of players that the chances of extending your career is pretty slim.

    I see it as a case of making the money while you can.

    Making money for playing the sport doesn't annoy me in the way that making millions for endorsements does.
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    Do they ever!
    Owners and players are making money hand over fist, but if it wasn't for the public demand, the value of the players would go down. So I think it's the public that created the sports monster.
    On the other hand, if I was a professinal sports player, I would also be demanding top dollar.

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    Hellllllllllllllll yeah they do!!!

    i realize they have potentially short careers as professional athletes, BUT... i will work the rest of my life and NEVER make what many professional athletes will make in one SEASON.

    many call it jealousy...
    call it what you will.

    regardless of the length of their careers, i have a hard time rationalizing, "you get X million dollars a year for X number of years PLUS an X million dollar signing bonus. OH! and to top it off, you get to do something you LOVE that takes VERY little brainpower... and will have fame and glory for the rest of your life." bah!

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    You're damn right they do. Playing sports is not a carreer!!! It is a diversion till you can find a real job. Just about the only sport that is a carreer is racing i.e. Nascar, IRL, NHRL... there you can start almost anywhere and end up owning your own team. Team owners have been drivers, or crew chiefs, and the crew chiefs came up from either tire changer, jack man or gas man, working on the car itself.
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    Supply and demand guys! (wow, I DID learn something in Eco class )

    I think they are overpaid (and the owners more overpaid than the players), but if we fans didn't go to the games, and watch them on TV, and buy merchandise they promote, etc....then their paychecks wouldn't be what they are.

    And, I think actors/actresses are way overpaid also (though they are for the same reasons )
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    As long as the atheletes are paid more than the owners and other suits, I'm okay with it.

    I guess I'm the same way, if you're lucky and talented enough to do it, good.. but it is out of control when tickets are upwards of $50 for the cheap seats.

    about Tiger driving a Buick!
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    Some sports are way outta line.Basketball and Baseball are two.
    Its sad when the smaller market teams have to dump their best players simply because they can't afford to pay them.

    It even sadder whn the atheletes who don't want to go, do any way because of the money. Cry me a river , I know.
    If someone offered me an incredible amount of cash, I'd probably take it too.

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