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Thread: Professional Boxing - Yeah or Nay?

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    Professional Boxing - Yeah or Nay?

    What are everyone’s thoughts on professional boxing? Is it a sport that has run its course and that doesn’t have a place in our society as we progress into the 21st century?

    Me? I like boxing. I enjoy watching it as a spectator and it’s a great form of exercise and self-defense.

    But I can see the other sides of the argument as well. As professional boxing is much different than amateur boxing or exercise level boxing.

    In the strictest of terms, professional boxing is this: two combatants (highly trained, highly skilled and very dangerous people) face off in a ring – which is basically the equivalent of being locked in a small room with no exit or place to hide.

    The goal of the match is for the two combatants to pummel each other with their fists until one succumbs to the infliction of damage done and the other is victorious.

    The match usually ends one of three ways:

    1. The combatants fight for the prescribed amount of rounds and the winner is determined by who inflicted the greater bodily damage on the other.

    2. One combatant pummels the other into unconsciousness.

    3. The referee or ringside doctor stops the match because one of the two contestants is so physically damaged as to no longer be able to defend themselves and risk further permanent injury or death.

    We have also seen the long term affects of boxing on such stars of the sport as Mohammed Ali, Leon Spinks and Joe Frazier.

    Professional boxing is also very corrupt.

    Again, I like professional boxing, but I wanted to present both sides of the issue for discussion. Is it a legitimate professional sport? Or is it a barbaric spectacle that has no place in today’s PC world?

    Remember, this is professional boxing. Amateur boxing and exercise boxing follow a much different set of safety rules.

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    i enjoy pro boxing and am always down to watch a good featured fight.

    some things about it really annoying me though. take is past weekend, for instance... pacquio vs marcez, excuse my spelling. imo, pacquio should have won this fight, especially after winning the first round with three knockdowns.

    here's how those judges came up with the draw:
    judge #1 - 115-110 to pacquio, sounds about right

    judge #2 - 115-110 to marcez. this makes no sense to me. after scoring 10-6 to pacquio in the first round, this judge gave 10-9 to marcez in 10 of the next 11 rounds... absurd.

    judge #3 - 113-113, scored 10-7 to pacquio in the first round after he knocked down marcez three times that round. it should have been 10-6 on all score cards for that first round, with pacquio winning by decision. this judge made a mistake!!

    i was utterly disappointed with this draw.

    also, de la hoya vs mosley II and de la hoya vs trinidad were scoring disappointments as well.

    i hope roy jones whoops up on tarver this weekend too.

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    i saw that fight and i agree with you ping. for the two judges to score the fight as a 5 point victoriy - each for a different fighter - means that their score cards were different by 10 total points in a 12 round fight.

    It is virtually impossible for them to have that differing of an outcome - particularly with that round you mentioned that saw three knock downs and should have been scored a 10-6 round across the board. Corruption.

    It was a superb fight and millions and millions of dollars and two title belts were at stake. Now its totally clouded.
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    I like watching professional boxing. But there is those times I cringe because of it. It can be very disturbing to watch at times, its one of those things I like to watch and I don't know why. The one thing I hate about it is how corrupt it actually is. Just let them fight, stop being so damn greedy.

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    I like to watch it sometimes, but the long term effects of the pummelling makes me lean toward ending it. The sport is so corrupt too, and what kind of career do most of the guys have after they leave the ring? Bitching about your boss dating your daughter? It's definetly not a career minded sport. All you can endorse is shorts and gloves, and maybe how soft and comfy the mats are when you land on them for a 10 count
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    I like boxing but like everyone else, think it is way too corrupt. There are too many championships and associations for a casual fan like me to keep up with. Anybody catch the Roy Jones fight?

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    Professional boxing is also very corrupt.

    Well other than something needs to be done about the curruption, other than that, its great the way it is. we just need some great heavyweights again.
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