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Thread: IIHF world hockey championships

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    IIHF world hockey championships

    Here's is the link
    The english cracks me up .

    Bronze medal game US vs Slovakia

    Gold Canada vs Sweden

    I watched the Can/Slovakia game and it was a really great . No trap

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    I love international hockey. It's so much better than the NHL. Go Canada!

    I can't wait for the World Cup in August. I'll get another chance to wear my red Team Canada hockey jersey.

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    I really wish they'd go to the big ice , and back to no trap . The majority of these guys play NHL , (US and Can included) They've shown what a great game it can be , and how entertainign it is.

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    That was a great game. Really fast paced and lots of 2 on 1's by Canada. Heatley deserves the MVP, after everything that happened he comes back and leads the tournament in scoring and is even better than his old self.

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    Great job Canada!
    Although apparently the Canadian bench was yelling for their players to stay on the ice, but a couple of them didn't listen and went off anyways...resulting in a goal by Sweden. :nono But at they still won, so I'm happy!
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