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Thread: Leaving School Early, Your Thoughts?

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    Leaving School Early, Your Thoughts?

    The Maurice Clarette controversy brings to light the issue of athletes leaving college early to enter the pro ranks.

    What does everyone think of this?

    On the one hand, these athletes made a contractual agreement with the college that offered them a scholarship. They agreed to play a sport for the length of their eligibility period, in exchange for a full-ride scholarship for a college education (if they chose to take serious academic classes rather than underwater basket weaving), free exposure to a nationwide audience to promote their athletic and charismatic abilities and increase their value as an athlete and/or personality, endorsements etc.

    On the other hand, these athletes can sustain a career ending injury in the blink of an eye while playing college sports and never see a penny of pro money. So one can see why these athletes want to strike while the iron is hot. If an underclassman is coming off of a great season, they will of course feel that this is a prime opportunity to leave school and enter the draft and hopefully be drafted high and get big money. The colleges are also profiting greatly from their sports programs and the athletes are a valuable commodity.

    So, are the athletes and their agents, correct when they suggest that the colleges and/or courts or NFL have no right to stop an American citizen from working and plying his or her unique skill or trade for their own best personal profit? Isnít it the American way to be a financial success with your personal gift?

    Or, are the colleges and courts and NFL correct in their stance that players of a certain age and/or college grade level do not have the right to break a contract early to pursue personal interests?
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    I think that if guy is in school, then the pro's can't touch him for the specific time that would have occured if the guy had completed his schooling, now if he goes straight from high school to sports (like baseball does) then thats ok. The guy then hasn't commited to a college.
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