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Thread: NHL Playoffs 2004

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    NHL Playoffs 2004

    Yay , a new thread after a zillion posts on our regular season thread. It seems like yesterday when we were all trembly for the start of the season!!!



    (2) BRUINS vs CANADIENS (7)

    (3) FLYERS vs DEVILS (6)



    (1) RED WINGS vs PREDATORS (7)

    (2) SHARKS vs BLUES (7)

    (3) CANUCKS vs FLAMES (6)

    (4) AVALANCHE vs STARS(5)

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    Well, it will be Avs and Stars. Avs will get home ice, but they aren't sure when the games will begin, because . . . Rod Stewart will be in concert at the Pepsi Center.

    Um . . . yeah.

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    What's everyone's predictions and everyone's hopes? C'mon peeps, I wanna know...


    Tampa Bay in 6 (hope so)
    Canadiens in 7 (hope so)
    Flyers in 6 (hope NJ wins)
    Toronto in 7 (hope so)


    Detroit in 5 (hope NOT!)
    San Jose in 6 (hope so)
    Vancouver in 6 (I don't really care who wins, them or Calgary)
    Dallas in 6 (hope so, sorry Mantenna and everyone else, but remember that friend of mine who likes the Av's that makes me sick of them, well....)

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    My predictions:

    Tampa vs NYI - Tampa in 7 (NYI will be very tough to beat)
    Bos vs Mtl - Mtl in 6 (please, please, please, let me be wrong)
    Phil vs NJ - NJ in 7 (Phil has poor goaltending)
    Tor vs Ott - Tor in 6 (another early golfing season for Ott)

    Det vs Nashville - Det in 5 (Nashville's first playoff; too bad it's vs Det)
    SJ vs StL - SJ in 7 (SJ is my pick to win the West)
    Van vs Calgary - Van in 7 (Calgary will not be a pushover)
    Col vs Dallas - Col in 7 (Dallas could upset Col)
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    ISLANDERS in 7.
    Just because I hate them and usually the teams I hate advance the farthest. Plus, they're a tough time in the playoffs.
    CANADIENS in 7.
    I'm going with my heart in this one, but Boston has a habit of choking. I also think Montreal is underrated and should perform pretty well.
    FLYERS in 6.
    Again, I just don't think the Flyers will take no for an answer. I think they are the team to beat this year in the East.
    MAPLE LEAFS in 6
    Did you see that game last night? Ottawa seems to have some sort of mental roadblock when it comes to facing Toronto in the playoffs. They will freeze again. I hope.
    RED WINGS in 5.
    See Islanders. Plus I hate them and that usually means they will go far.
    SHARKS in 6.
    Soley for Wayners sake.
    CANUCKS in 5.
    I love Calgary, but Canucks are a superior team. With or without Bertuzzi.
    AVALANCHE in 6.
    It's Colorado for God's sake.

    Can I also add that the Canadian in me hates that 2 Canadian teams are guaranteed to go no further? It makes me sad.
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    FORT Fogey
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    Explain to me what "ISLANDERS in 7." or "SHARKS in 6" means. I don't really think about hockey, I just watch Sharks games.

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    pinkieparrot, all the playoff rounds are best out of 7. First team to win 4 games advance to the next round.

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    Buffalo, NY

    Tampa/NYI....Lightning in 5 (hate the Isles!)
    Boston/Montreal....Bruins in 6 (good series..Habs could pull this one out if Thornton misses the whole series)
    Ottawa/Toronto...Sens in 7 (could be the best of the first round series)
    Philly/NJ....Devils in 6 (Brodeur is far better than Burke)


    Detroit/Nashville...Wings in 5 (Nashville won't know what hit them)
    SJ/St. Louis....Sharks in 6
    Vancouver/Calgary....Canucks in 6
    Colorado/Dallas....Stars in 7 (This is the series I'm most looking forward to)
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    Hey everyone, I just got home from Cali/Vegas and I saw the Sharks/Nucks game and Ducks/Nucks game. We won both and I mouthed off some fans. It was so fun. The Sharks seem to be slumping right now...so here are my picks:


    Lightning in 6 over Isles
    Boston in 6 over Habs
    Sens in 7 over Leafs
    Devils in 5 over Philly

    Detroit in 4 over the Preds
    St. Louis in 7 over SJ
    Canucks over Flames in 5
    Avs in 7 over Stars

    I was in the States for 3 weeks with HORRIBLE hockey coverage so I am prolly missin out on injuries and who is slumping. I am also going to be camping on the Thursday-Sunday so I will miss a few games Gotta head into the bar for the Nucks one.

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    Lightning in 6 over Isles
    maybe 5. Isles are tough, but they have had some really rough patches and get spooked.
    Boston in 7 over Habs- The Habs aren't giving it up easily , and if Joe is missing for a bit they won't get their groove til late.
    Leafs in 6 over Sens - history will repeat . They probably peed their pants when they found out.
    Philly in 6 over Devils - the Devils aren't the team they were last year , and Flyers have a stacked deck

    Detroit in 5 over the Preds - yup they'll lose but will win one game , maybe the first just to give the Wings some fits. Now if Cujo's in net maybe the Preds will win
    St. Louis in 7 over SJ I love SJ , but its really gotta be the Blues sometime.
    Canucks over Flames in 6 - Just to make it interesting.
    Avs in 7 over Stars - only if everyones healthy and they stop tripping on their own feet

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