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Thread: Boxing - Bad Blood

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    Boxing - Bad Blood

    Okay, I might be alone on this one, but did anybody watch the De La Joya vs Vargas boxing match for the World Super Welterweight Championship?:fight
    It was one hell of a boxing match. Golden Boy De La Joya proved again why he is one of the best. I was jumping up and down when Golden boy knocked out Vargas on the 11th round. Oscar took Vargas to school.

    I did feel a little bad for Vargas when Oscar was beating the snot out of him. But only a little. Vargas deserved what he got. He was just talking too much smack. Vargas' lesson learned: Don't talk the talk, if you can't walk the walk.

    Yeah, boxing is violent, but I like it! :p

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    I Don't know much about boxing, but my sons watched the pay per view at their grandfathers, and said it was a good fight.My father in law is a big fight fan.You'd think cause I'm such a big hockey fan, that fights would appeal to me
    On the news today, Don King is telling Tyson not to try and fight Holyfield again as it would be suicide.That biting of the ear thing was just plain psychotic.

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    Ugh...Don't get me started. I think Tyson should've been banned from boxing after that ear-biting incident. But of course, he wasn't due to the buckoo bucks he brings in. The mighty dollar strikes again.

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