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Thread: The NHL, November 22-28, 2002

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    The NHL, November 22-28, 2002

    Nov 22
      Columbus at Buffalo
      Pittsburgh at Atlanta
      Florida at Phoenix
      Detroit at Vancouver (Go Canucks!)
      Dallas at Anaheim

    Nov 23
      NY Islanders at NY Rangers
      Nashville at Minnesota
      Buffalo at Boston
      Carolina at Montreal
      Columbus at Ottawa
      Philadelphia at Toronto
      Atlanta at Washington
      Tampa Bay at New Jersey
      San Jose at Pittsburgh
      Colorado at St. Louis
      Chicago at Calgary
      Detroit at Edmonton (Go Oilers!)
      Dallas at Los Angeles

    Nov 24
      Florida at Anaheim (Like... who cares?)

    Nov 25
      Carolina at NY Rangers
      Toronto at Ottawa
      Edmonton at Detroit (Go Oilers! Again!)
      Vancouver at Minnesota
      San Jose at St. Louis
      Phoenix at Dallas
      Chicago at Colorado

    Nov 26
      Calgary at Boston
      Atlanta at Montreal
      Washington at Toronto

    Nov 27
      Tampa Bay at Buffalo
      Vancouver at Carolina
      Edmonton at Columbus
      Ottawa at NY Islanders
      Calgary at Washington
      New Jersey at Detroit (go Devils!!! Mmmm, Brodeur)
      Philadelphia at Pittsburgh
      San Jose at Nashville
      Minnesota at Dallas
      St. Louis at Colorado
      Phoenix at Anaheim
      Florida at Los Angeles

    Nov 28
      NY Rangers at Atlanta
      Chicago at Phoenix

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    Boston- 28
    Philadelphia- 26
    Tampa Bay- 25
    New Jersey- 23
    Carolina- 23
    Montreal- 22
    NY Rangers- 21
    Ottawa- 20
    Pittsburgh- 20
    Florida- 20
    Washington- 18
    Toronto- 16
    NY Islanders- 16
    Atlanta- 12
    Buffalo- 10

    Dallas- 29
    Minnesota- 28
    St Louis- 25
    Detroit- 24
    Vancouver- 24
    Los Angeles- 22
    Anaheim- 22
    Chicago- 21
    Colorado- 21
    Columbus- 20
    Edmonton- 20
    San Jose- 18
    Phoenix- 17
    Calgary- 16
    Nashville- 12

    OK, so we suck so much Anaheim is in the playoffs and we're out. Goddamnit Avs. Let's try winning.

    Also, the Western conference- look at how tough it is. You've all heard the cliche about how its better hockey blah blah but look. It really is. It's going to be tough for the Avs to climb out of the basement, and they're only one point out.

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    I have to admit after all these years, it looks pretty good to see Boston up there, and Vancouver. If you look at the top part, you can ignore the bottom part.
    Philly Toronto should be pretty good too. Hitchcock and Quinn meeting up the first time this season, as well as first time he meets up with Eddie. I wonder what kind of insights a former coach can give them.
    See that didn't work with Detriot because Cuho was too much of a pussy to play Toronto....

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    Canucks 4-1 over detroit. Cujo got the hook after 4 in a row and Cloutier was 10 mins away from a shut out. Hull spoiled it.
    Vancouver crowd shouting RED WINGS SUCK.

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    RED WING SUCK. And they booed Chelios every time he touched the puck. Bertuzzi got a beauty of a goal. Awesomeness. Clout's shutout was spoiled because everyone kept saying "shut out". I was sitting on the couch playing my flute (hee! shut up) and I would make an angry sound when they said shut out and then yell, "DONT SAY THAT WORD."

    I told them not to but did they listen noooooooooo.

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    I didn't hear that, I thought they were chanting Chelios sucks. There was a lady sitting by the RW bench who had a huge revenge sign. Ever time they skated past to the bench, they couln't help but see it.

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    They were chanting something I couldn't hear but they were definitely booing Chelios when he touched the puck. More than they booed Pavel Bure. That dumbass lost his helmet again, remember that monster of a hit Bertuzzi layed on him in the playoffs and his helmet popped off? (probably due to all the air leaving his head) That was awesome. Last nights game is the closest game to a playoff-intensity one that I've seen. The Canucks are awesome this year.

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