i think the mavs deserve their own thread. im from la and well, all they ever talk about here is lakers and ive hated the lakers ever since i got in basketball 7yrs ago during the Bulls reign.

no one ever gives the mavs any respect even when they deserve it, like going all the way to the western conference finals last yr and losing to the spurs (whom i also love tremendously).

steve nash is a brilliant player and although he doesnt always put up high scores on the board, his presence on the court is known throughout his teammates. if any night you see Nash either not playing or playing his best (we all have one of those days anyways) the team just loses complete control and more than not, lose the game. such as last nights game, and fortson pushing that rookie leading to an injury.

still, i just want a thread to talk about my favorite team in the nba. for the past 2 yrs, theyve grown so much. traded players, and got better on the defensive end eventhough they are still struggling. but their one of the best teams to ever watch cuz of the way they handle the ball on the court and run the court as well.