I was just curious if there were any Adventure Racers at the FoRT.

I've recently been asked to join an Adventure Racing team for a 2-3 day race across Florida (coast to coast). The team captain is working on the sponsorships which will ultimately determine if I join or not (as a newlywed with a baby- Adventure Racing would add many expenses). I've done a few shorter (6-12 hour) races- but nothing around the clock. I'm excited but very apprehensive about racing around the clock- gators and snakes are not my friends...
I've also done a few Orienteering comps... these are a load of fun. You can do them as an individual or a team. I've attached a link to one here in Central Florida- but they have these types of classes/events all over the country.
If the Eco-challenge ever intrigued you- these Orienteering events will be right up your alley.