From the New York Post this morning:

KEYSHAWN Johnson yesterday joined Fox's NFL studio show. He hopes to make it a gig for the rest of this season.
While we weren't the least bit surprised to see Fox snap up Johnson - moments after the Bucs fired him - we do wonder what it was on his resume that made Fox strategists believe that he's just the guy for them, which, by extension, means they felt he was just the guy for us.

Was it the way Johnson undermined the coaches and players on the two NFL teams he has played for? Was it the way he wore out his welcome here and in Tampa Bay? Or could it have been his chronic inability to perform as the football superstar that he firmly believes he is?

Judging from what we read, Fox was attracted to Johnson because he's "outspoken."

True enough. But it's not as if he speaks out on the rising cost of health care, the World Trade Organization or even the replay rule. Johnson is a single-issue guy - he's outspoken only on behalf of himself.

Keyshawn Johnson has been Keyshawn Johnson's only issue since 1996, from the moment he joined the Jets, which is why the Jets dumped him, why the Bucs dumped him, and why he suddenly became available to Fox.

The most plausible explanation for Fox's quick embracement of Johnson is that TV people can no longer help it. They long ago decided for all of us that what turns us on are sporting types such as Keyshawn Johnson; thus, Johnson's relentless self-interest is rewarded.

Yep, those Fox guys didn't even have to think twice. Keyshawn Johnson was just the man for them and us. Should we be insulted? Certainly. Insulted, but not the least bit surprised.