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Thread: Thunderstruck's Column - Week 1: How much is too much?

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    Thunderstruck's Column - Week 1: How much is too much?

    This will be an opinion column, and since I plan on being a journalist I figure some practice couldn't hurt.

    Lately in the sports world, much of the buzz has been about Bob Stoop's Oklahoma team running up the score in a 77-0 win aginst Texas A&M. His starters were out halfway through the 3rd quarter, including heisman candidate QB Jason White. Stoops did make the right desision, but I'm upset at the Texas A&M team giving up at halftime. If you're letting subs walk over you, granted they're at the clear-cut top program in football, but if you're letting backups who were taking it easy score 4 TD's on you, Oklahoma's not embarassing you, you're embarassing yourselves. I was fine with the 77-0 score, because I don't play for Texas A&M. But what ensued the following week was wrong.

    People in the media got all over Stoops for running up the score. Had they had knowledge of the college football game, they should know he was not running up the score. What we had was a bunch of "experts" telling us what was wrong with it. My main problem with this was that A&M stopped playing. I've seen severe underdogs come out with EXTRA intensity, if anything, against an elite team like Oklahoma. It seems that they got caught up in the talk that they had no chance, and they believed it. And, OK, I'll admit it, I would've taken Oklahoma. And the backups at Oklahoma which played, if they were all transferred to a college such as Temple, they'd all start and be a top-25 team. Had the backups played the whole game, you'd have seen 30+ points put up. But A&M should NOT have given up 77 points, and they should NOT have scored 0.

    And then the media. I saw countless "football experts" telling us about the game. But what was wrong there? They are used to the parity of the NFL, and sould know that the talent range is much bigger in college than it is in the NFL. A 77-0 game should be considered as a possibility, when a #1 team takes on a smaller school. But there is no excuse for A&M to play that badly.

    Oklahoma plays an even worse school this week in Baylor. The spread it 56 1/2 points. And Baylor will lose big. Not because Oklahoma will run up the score. But because they simply have better talent. But will it be 77-0? No. I predict a 35-14 win for Oklahoma, provided Baylor doesn't give up as A&M did.

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    Karma- karma- karma... Traitor Franchione got a little payback this weekend- it could've been 177-0 and i would've been fine with it! Good job Fran- you big wuss- here's to hoping they run your butt out of college station soon. what goes around comes around there big boy!

    As for the 77 points- you cant blame OU- they had their 3rd stringers in for the most part- and how do you tell those guys not to play 100%, especially considering they are underclassmen eager to show the coaches they too deserve some playing time! The games are 60 minutes, and if Texas AM wants to give up and roll over after 30- thats their own problem... as for Baylor this week- it should get ugly again- i'd be amazed at a cover of 56.5 but i wouldnt bet against it either- OU is simply too deep- obviously their 3rd stringers could start for AM and Baylor...

    Coach Fran sux- you big traitor...

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    It looks good. It sounds good. And since I don't know anything about college football, it IS good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunderstruck
    ...if you're letting backups who were taking it easy score 4 TD's on you, Oklahoma's not embarassing you, you're embarassing yourselves.
    Well put.

    I'm a Longhorn fan and normally an aggy beating would be something I enjoy. But that was just embarassing.


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