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Thread: Gillick Resigns as Mariners GM

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    Gillick Resigns as Mariners GM

    Paulie alert!

    Tuesday, September 30, 2003

    Associated Press
    SEATTLE -- Pat Gillick, the Seattle Mariners' executive vice president and general manager, is leaving the team after four years on the job, the Mariners announced Tuesday.

    Gillick will remain in his position until a successor is found, then become a consultant for the team.

    "After much thought I've decided to step away from my current role with the Mariners," Gillick said in a statement released by the team. "I've had four chances at the brass ring here and think maybe it's time for someone else to take a shot at taking this team to a higher level.

    "I believe we have a core of players in place, especially pitchers, that will allow the Mariners to contend for the next several years, at least, and I am looking forward to remaining involved with the Seattle organization," he said.

    During Gillick's four years as general manager, the Mariners won more games (393) than any other team in Major League Baseball, appearing in the American League Championship Series twice. He was named the league's Executive of the Year in 2001 when the Mariners tied a record for wins in a season at 116.

    "We wanted Pat to stay on board as our general manager, but we respect his decision to step back and serve as a consultant," Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln said in a statement.

    "We will begin a search immediately, which will include both internal and external candidates," he said. "We thank Pat for the exceptional job he has done the past four years, and the professionalism he has brought to the Mariners. Finally, we are pleased he will still be connected with our organization."

    Gillick, 66, has 29 years of experience as a major league executive.

    He started in 1963 with the Houston Astros and spent 10 years working his way up through the team's front office.

    Gillick joined the New York Yankees in 1974 before moving to the expansion Toronto Blue Jays in 1976 where he was responsible for all baseball-related activities and helped guide Toronto to five Eastern Division titles and two World Series Titles.

    He moved to Baltimore in 1996 and the Orioles reached the playoffs in his first two years as general manager, winning the American League East in 1997.
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    he did a good job, but i'm glad to hear this

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    the Mariners won more games (393) than any other team in Major League Baseball
    ...to go along with ZERO championships.

    I think he's jumping ship now because he thinks the core of the offense (and Jamie Moyer, for that matter) are on the verge of total age-induced collapse.

    As good a job as he did, I always hoped he'd make a key trade down the stretch to carry the team the rest of the way, and he never did. Maybe the new guy will find a way to take the team to the next level.
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    Gillick really is amazing. He was beloved in Toronto - for good reason.

    We'd love to have him back.
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