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Thread: Baseball fans

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    Baseball fans

    I don't know how much you guys like baseball over here, but I would like to show a site i go to where people do, mlbcenter.com. The site will be up today. I thought since you might like baseball, you might want to check it out and sign up and we need more mlb fans. We have over 416 members in only being open for 2 months. The site is a baseballgaming/baseball news site with a great staff and great addon mods. Some of our features include an upload script/file server which will be up August 16 where users can upload and download addons for hte high heat and mvp baseball series, reviews, previews, forums, interviews with the slufest lead producer tim mulligan and much more... forums.mlbcenter.com is the forums url. Tim will be over at our forums to also browse as he likes what he says and will answer any question about slugfest, but he's on tour promoting slugfest so he'll be back in a few days. I just thought that you might want a site to go to that just focuses on baseball.

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    Foggy Doggy

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