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Thread: Ohio State Football Woes

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    Ohio State Football Woes

    OSU's star running back has been getting himself in some hot water lately with th NCAA. Here is a quick recap. First off, he is accused of getting preferential treatment in the classroom:
    Accommodations or "special treatment" for Ohio State University Athlete?
    The New York Times reported on July 14, 2003, that Ohio State, Fiesta Bowl, football hero, Maurice Clarett, was given special consideration and allowed to take an easier oral exam in a class. The New York Times story said that Clarett based his request for the accommodation on a learning disability. The information about alternative testing formats came from a teaching assistant in the class in which the alternate exam was given.
    In this case the professor does say she altered gave Clarett an oral rather than written exam in her class after he walked out and said he could not take the test. He was the only student in her class of 80 to receive the accommodation. Clarett did not have documentation of a learning disability though the New York Times article says he was told that he would need such testing to document a learning disability. Though the professor admits giving accommodations to Clarett, there are questions about the teaching assistant's allegations. The case is being further investigated.

    Now he has a car broken into at the practice field and has an amzing amount of items stolen from it:

    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- NCAA investigators were in Columbus two weeks ago, investigating a theft inside Ohio State tailback Maurice Clarett's car, according to a broadcast report.
    According to a police report obtained by NewsChannel 4, the theft occurred in the parking lot of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center between 2 p.m on April 17 to 8:45 a.m. on April 18.

    The vehicle, a 2001 Chevrolet, was parked in the east lot when someone broke the passenger window and entered the vehicle. The report said that the trunk lock was also punched out and the trunk was entered.
    According to the report, one of two television monitors was stolen and the other monitor was pulled from its location on the back side of the driver's headrest.
    Clarett told police his monitor was stolen, along with $800 in cash in his wallet, $5,000 in stereo equipment, and a credit card.
    Radio station WTVN reported that NCAA investigators visited Columbus and were investigating the thefts.
    According to the radio station, the NCAA wants to know how Clarett came to have the items and was looking into his relationship with Cleveland Cavaliers' basketball player LeBron James.
    Earlier this month, Ohio State athletic director Andy Geiger confirmed that the NCAA has made inquiries about Clarett.
    "(Clarett is) a great friend of mine," James said earlier this month. "Before him being a Heisman candidate, before me being how I am. I knew him when he was at Warren Harding, so he's a great kid."
    Geiger said the NCAA's inquiries had nothing to do with a New York Times article that the running back had received preferential treatment in a class by being allowed to take two oral exams.
    "I don't think there's any linkage whatsoever," Geiger said.
    Official statements:
    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The following statement was issued on behalf of Maurice Clarett through his attorney, Scott Schiff:
    "It is true that on or about April 17, 2003, Maurice Clarett used a borrowed vehicle to attend a morning workout at the Woody Hayes Athletics Center. This vehicle was broken into sometime during his workout. Upon learning of the break-in, Maurice filed a theft report with the OSU police. Many of the expensive items identified in the report did not belong to Maurice, but belonged to the vehicle owner. Maurice did exaggerate and inflate the values he placed upon the reported items."
    Clarett said, "I genuinely and sincerely apologize to my teammates and to The Ohio State University for any embarrassment this incident may have caused."

    Statement by Ohio State Director of Athletics Andy Geiger and Head Football Coach Jim Tressel:
    "Sophomore running back Maurice Clarett will not participate in preseason football camp until, and unless, all issues related to his eligibility regarding his amateur status have been resolved."

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    Now his lawyer is looking at filing against the NFL because they said they will make him wait 2 years to enter the draft.

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    As a U of Miami Hurricane alumnus & fan, you can't say I'm exactly crying right now

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