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Thread: Kobe Bryant will be charged

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    The local paper said today that the Internet has been "leaking" pictures of the accuser. The catch is they say the picture out there is NOT of the right woman. The two both live in Eagle, they're both 19, they both have the same first name, and they bear a resemblance to one another. But the accuser is was a cheerleader, and the woman in the picture was on the dance team. Anyway, the story went on to say that some sites have digitally altered pictures of naked women to include the face of this woman. She's understandably mortified. What a circus this is turning out to be.
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    Give him the chair. Let's see if making a zillion dollars a season is a big enough electrical insulator.

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    This is a shame. I really hope that this is resolved quickly. If this is really true, then this girl is being brutallized again in the press, with people that supposedly know her trying to get their 15 minutes off of her misfortune. Regardless of what happens, this young woman's life will not be the same any time in the near future.

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    I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and she said the story she heard was that Kobe and the girl were flirting at the front desk (where she works) and that he invited her up to his room after work. After her shift she supposedly went up to his room. IF that is THE story, the girl is dumb and she is partly to blame. Like I said in an earlier post, she HAD to know she wasn't going up there for coffee! Once again I repeat that that's IF that version is correct!

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