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Thread: new trades

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    new trades

    what do u think about gary payton, and karl malone joining the lakers, and alonzo morning joining the nets.
    i think lakers are going to win next year with g.p. point guard, kobe shooting guard, and shaq center u cant loose with that they are the three best in their positions but im not sure bout shaq and yao i dont know whos better what do u think abot that also?

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    The Lakeshow is going to be very, very tough to beat... but it has never really been a question of who they have and who they don't - Shaq & Kobe and a gang of puppets could likely go far in the playoffs. The biggest real enemy the Lakers have is complacency, and as long as they feel like they don't have to give the same level of effort & commitment as another team would to win it all, they will risk defeat.

    The Spurs are going to be tough again, and they will return with essentially the same team. They build their game around tough D and teamwork and I don't see those things changing. Rasho is arguably an upgrade at the backup centre position, and Parker & Manu will be that much older and that much wiser to the NBA game. I expect both to up their offense this season.

    If the Spurs can pick up one more quality player and one more role player with their cap space, this team will be extremely dangerous, yet low-profile as usual.

    New Jersey will have essentially the same team as well, plus Zo. For me, the jury's out on this move... I am not sure if Zo has still got what it takes to be a dominant force. It might be a cakewalk for these guys to come out of the east, but I still think any of about 4 or 5 teams in the West could take them out in the Finals.

    Such is the state of today's NBA.

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