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Waltrip, crew chief criticize Johnson
The Charlotte Observer

Jimmie Johnson passed Michael Waltrip for third place with 33 laps left in Sunday's race as the cars raced back to a yellow flag, and Waltrip and his crew chief, Slugger Labbe, weren't thrilled.
"Taking a position under the yellow flag is like stealing, yet stealing is against the law," Waltrip said. "There is not a law against racing back to the yellow, so until NASCAR decides what they want to do, then it's a free for all.

"Every situation is different. Under the same circumstances at Chicago, I might have done the same thing Jimmie did to me. (But) we do have this agreement we have been told to abide by."

Waltrip was referring to the "gentlemen's agreement" that NASCAR president Mike Helton spoke to the drivers about before the Pepsi 400.

Helton said that if drivers didn't abide by that agreement, NASCAR would make a rule governing racing back to the yellow flag.

"Jimmie Johnson abused the gentleman's agreement on Sunday," Labbe said. "If these drivers, all drivers, don't get their acts together, then Helton is going to step in and make a rule and it is not going to be pretty. The consequences of gaining one position under the yellow is not worth an official rule that might take away a chance of getting a lap back under other circumstances."