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Thread: Anyone here run track?

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    Anyone here run track?

    I do, I recently ran in a 5k race, got 24 minutes. I'm pretty sure I could cut that down to 22 minutes. For my schools track team, I run the 800 and the 1600. I'm thinking about doing the mile or 2 miles next year.
    Anyone else run?

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    I ran track. Proud to say that I was sixth in the 400 once... ok, so there were only 6 people....

    Actually, i'm ok in the 800. I'm not a good runner though. I don't know why I make myself do it.

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    I ran track and CC in high school, but that was a looooong time ago. Used to run the 800m as my specialty.

    Now I'll occasionally do a 5K fun run here and there. I'm amazed at how fast I was back in high school.

    I am proud to say, though, that I beat the turkey in last year's Turkey Trot. Some dude dresses up as a turkey and runs a 30-minute 5K. If you beat him, you get a certificate. I slaughtered him.
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