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Thread: The NHL, October 18-24, 2002

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    The NHL, October 18-24, 2002

    I was going to higlight the televised games but between CBC, TSN, Sportsnet regional, ESPN, ESPN2 and god knows how many other stations I decided against it. So... check your local listings!

    October 18
    Nashville at New Jersey
    Atlanta at Tampa Bay
    Vancouver at Anaheim

    October 19
    Washington at Philadelphia
    Colorado at San Jose
    NY Islanders at Atlanta
    Phoenix at Buffalo
    New Jersey at Carolina
    Toronto at Montreal
    Nashville at NY Rangers
    Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh
    Florida at Columbus
    Detroit at Minnesota
    Dallas at St. Louis
    Calgary at Chicago
    Boston at Edmonton
    Vancouver at Los Angeles

    October 20
    Colorado at Anaheim
    Washington at Dallas

    October 21
    Tampa Bay at NY Rangers
    Calgary at Detroit
    Atlanta at Florida
    Boston at Toronto
    Vancouver at San Jose

    October 22
    Philadelphia at Buffalo
    Carolina at NY Islanders
    Pittsburgh at Montreal
    Calgary at Minnesota
    Phoenix at Nashville
    Edmonton at Colorado

    October 23
    Tampa Bay at Columbus
    Washington at NY Rangers
    Carolina at Ottawa
    New Jersey at Atlanta
    Los Angeles at Detroit
    Florida at Toronto

    October 24
    Ottawa at Boston
    Florida at NY Islanders
    Montreal at Philadelphia
    San Jose at Nashville
    Minnesota at Chicago
    Dallas at Calgary
    St. Louis at Edmonton
    Colorado at Phoenix
    Anaheim at Vancouver

    Dish on scores and plays!
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    Current standings:



    Pittsburgh with 6 pts
    Philadelphia with 6 pts
    NY Rangers with 5 pts
    New Jersey with 4 points
    NY Islanders with 3 points

    Buffalo with 5 pts
    Boston with 5 pts
    Ottawa with 4 pts
    Montreal with 4 pts
    Toronto with 4 pts

    Washington with 6 pts
    Tampa Bay with 4 pts
    Florida with 3 pts
    Carolina with 3 pts
    Atlanta with 1 pts

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    St Louis with 5 pts
    Chicago with 4 pts
    Detroit with 4 pts
    Columbus with 2 pts
    Nashville wtih 1 pts

    Minnesota with 7 pts
    Vancouver with 4 pts
    Colorado with 3 pts
    Calgary with 3 pts
    Edmonton with 3 pts

    Dallas with 7 pts
    Los Angeles with 6 pts
    San Jose with 2 pts
    Anaheim with 2 pts
    Phoenix with 2 pts

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    Awesome- not ignoring duckys work

    But you know I'm only looking when you know who plays
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    Yeah yeah, you and your Tucker. Sheesh. He's not even cute. :rolleyes

    Vancouver is currently losing to Anaheim. Er... ok.

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    Thanks, Ducky! I'm glad to see that, um, your least favorite team from Michigan is listed, and didn't accidentally go "missing" from your mentions.

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    Hey now.. if you cut Tucker's hair, give him a bath and throw a smile on him.. he's actually kind of a babe. Hell, Quinn's a babe compared to half the Leafs.

    Tomas Kaberle reminds me of a china doll.. such delicate features.

    And John, I have already been working on my 'Red Wings didn't make the playoff' dance. I predict a major fall for them. Isn't Geritol a major sponsor of Detroit this year?

    Oh.. and I hate Brett Hull and Chris Chelios.
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    Isn't Geritol a major sponsor of Detroit this year?
    Nope but Depends is

    Kaberle looks to me like he's 15. Not like the other czech guys for sure..

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    eny, shame on you! Darcy Tucker...

    Kaberle learned English by watching movies. I learned that watching hockey television.

    Mario is player of the week again.

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    Hey Duckgirl

    Enygma told me to come say hello to you. I understand you are a big Hockey fan. I'm a big fan myself. I played a bit too. Never got paid for it, but I did play up through the Major College level in the CCHA. I got a kick out of some of your commentary on "sexonskates". Chelios is really not a bad guy. I grew up playing against him and I know his family. What do you think about Tony Granato and Eddie Olzcyk? They are also products of Chicago youth Hockey who made the pros. My favorite players are Wayne Gretzky and Jarri Kurri, just because they were magicians with the puck. I don't judge players by their looks since I'm a guy. Anyway, its always nice to meet a hockey fan.

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