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Thread: Vancouver wins bid for 2010 Olympics

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    Mosaik, you live in Whistler? Or Vancouver, and fall under the "visitor" category.

    I think improvements on the highway have already begun.

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    I live in Vancouver and often vacation in Whistler...

    Personally I enjoy driving the sea-to-sky highway as it is... I enjoy maneuvering twists and bends in my car... but I admit there are some scary parts on the highway, and a lot of it needs to be widened and/or improved. The trip really doesn't need to take 2 hours but the state of the highway really slows things down. Reducing travel time to 90 mins would be awesome.

    The sea-to-sky is in a constant state of repair/improvement - they are always working on it... but what the bid promises is a MAJOR upgrade to the sea-to-sky... something sorely needed.

    Not sure if the Vancouver/Whistler monorail idea that they discussed was part of the final bidbook though...

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    Mr. Bunbury
    I've changed my avatar in honour of the occasion (and because the Vancouver Canucks are really nothing to brag about).

    Vancouver is lovely for its mountains, trees and the ocean (not really lakes). The weather is really mild, for being in Canada. The air and the water are both really clean. The people are laid-back and friendly. Compared to the States, food is really cheap. And we really do have kick-butt skiing. So, by all means, come on up! My gosh, I'm really proud to be a Vancouverite right about now.

    ETA: this is the first time I've used the word "really" six times in one paragraph. This shows that I'm *really* excited about this.

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    On a purely selfish level, I have to say that I was initially a little disappointed that Vancouver's bid was successful.

    I'm a huge track and field fan and would have loved for Toronto to get the Summer Olympics in 2012.
    Realistically thogh that never was/is going to happen so after puting for about 0.5 seconds I was really pleased that Vancouver won.

    Canada will put on a great Olympics.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Originally posted by enygma

    Vancouver was beautiful , but man they HAVE to fix that sea to sky highway. Car and busses will be taking a dip in Howe Sound if not.
    Kudos to Vancouver/Whistler. Can't wait...how about the trip from Lillooet and Pemberton?...hoooey!!

    When I look at the top of this page (Reality TV Gearat this point but changes)...the ad reminds me of Heidi and Howdy of 1988 Calgary games. Wonder what their mascot(s) will be...
    "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." -- Henry David Thoreau

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    Saw this on the official site... in case there are some IOC / bid groupies out there or something...

    "Victory flight 2010" brings home the Games

    Vancouver Following Vancouver being named the Host City of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, representatives and supporters of the Vancouver 2010 Bid Corporation, including Premier Gordon Campbell and Mayor of Vancouver Larry Campbell, will be arriving home on "Victory Flight 2010" Thursday evening.

    There will be a media availability session to welcome Canada's winning team.

    What: Media and photo availability session
    Who: Premier Gordon Campbell

    Vancouver 2010 Bid Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jack Poole

    Mayor Larry Campbell, City of Vancouver

    Marion Lay, President, LegaciesNow Society

    When: 7:00 pm (approximate time, as flight is due to arrive at 6:30 pm, we will begin media conference as soon as possible) Thursday, July 3, 2003

    Where: Haida Gwaii

    Departures Level, International Terminal Building

    Vancouver International Airport


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    Do you think this could affect (effect? I hate that) New York's chances of gaining the 2012 olympics? 2 olympics in a row in North America?

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    The official word out of NY is that this makes no difference either way... but you just know the NY bid committee members are weeping behind closed doors.

    Every Olympic analyst between heaven and earth has said that Vancouver/Whistler's win for Winter 2010 makes it VERY unlikely they will grant the games for 2012 to another city in North America.

    I personally think that the best bid should win and politics shouldn't be a factor... but after a few scandal plagued decades, the IOC is all about fairness, (or at least the illusion of it) these days... hence I would be very surprised to see the games go to NY or any NA city, especially given the calibre of expected competition.

    NY would pull out all the stops and put on an AMAZING show though, wouldn't they...

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    Mr. Bunbury
    Well, if it makes New Yorkers feel better, while Bejing won the 2008 Summer Olympics, South Korea (I don't know how to spell the name of the actual city) came within 3 votes out of 109 of beating Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. In fact, South Korea led by 13 votes after the first ballot, which knocked out Salzburg, but Vancouver won on the second ballot by getting all of Salzburg's votes. I think that if New York does a good job with the campaigning (apparently South Korea had a kick-butt final presentation), they stand a decent chance.

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