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Thread: Wimbledon

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    Re: Wimbledon

    Wow, the Williams sisters lost in doubles this morning and Federer was eliminated.
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    Re: Wimbledon

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisg;3956583;
    Critical, try NBC, I think they're showing 3 hours of coverage this week (which is probably time adjusted for the West Coast) from 10 AM - 1 PM. And then ESPN2 seems to be picking up the coverage in between from 7 AM - 10 AM and 1 PM to 7 PM East Coast Time today. I think they stopped throwing to ESPNU yesterday as the World Cup Matches became fewer but who knows what the schedule will be tomorrow?
    For you it's 7 -10 am. For me, it's 4 to 7 am! I just can't do it. ESPN doesn't have coverage when they say they will. I've tuned in several days in a row and there's something else on, even though the digital guide says Wimbledon is on. I won't be home today to see if they'll actually have coverage when they're supposed to. I pretty much feel like I missed this year's tournament.

    I hope USA still has the rights to the US Open, so I have a hope of seeing more tennis then.

    That top ten was great! I didn't realize Isner was quite that tall! He towers over Dave!
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