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Thread: NBA Finals: San Antonio wins

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    NBA Finals: San Antonio wins

    Game six ends 88-77 in David Robinson's last game.

    Was anyone watching?
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    Unfortunately I missed most of the game but luckily tuned in for the last 7 minutes of play. AWESOME!!! I love the Admiral and Duncan was incredible!!!!!

    Sorry to any Nets fans out there, but SAN ANTONIO ROCKED!!!!

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    I was definitely tuned in!!!

    Ever since he entered the league, David Robinson has been one of my favorites... and yup... the Spurs are my favorite team (before and since the Grizz in Vancouver)!!!

    I was pulling for Duncan to get the quadruple double!

    Now I can gloat to all of my friends who said that the Spurs last champhionship win (in the lockout year) was BS!

    Congrats to the Spurs and all their dedicated fans!

    PS: The play of Tony Parker over the past few games has been VERY disconcerting... what to do... what to do???

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    I loved how David Robinson immediately sought out his son, then had many pics with his dad and rest of the family - to win his final game on Father's Day must have been special. San Antonio has been a franchise that has always seemed to rise above the fray that much of pro sports has languished in - all the rich troubled kids who don't know how to really act professionally (of course they never really spent much time in school...jumping so early), it's great to see them rewarded, and with all the young talent they've set a good foundation.

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    So true... the good guys won for a change!

    (But did ABC really have to repeat that about 200 times? They've even got me saying it now)

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    Um, I'm happy for the Spurs fans and all, but I gave up on the NBA years ago. It pains me, because I'm a huge sports fan. I still love watching the NCAA tourney, but I'd rather play basketball than watch the NBA. Actually, I'd rather watch paint dry than watch the NBA anymore, and I grew up a Laker fan!

    I heard after Game 4 that the ratings on this series were down 38% from last year, and it was the lowest rated series (at that point anyway) since 1982 when the games were tape delayed. The NBA has gone from a game of skill and teamwork to a game of isolation plays and one-on-one basketball. Fundamentals continue to erode; when I, a 39 year old, skinny white guy that plays once a week, can hit a higher FT% than 80% of the pros, something is very, very wrong with the game.

    But congrats to the Spurs and stuff.

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    Whoa, hey, everyone! Let's ratchet down the thread traffic on this one. We've been burning up so much bandwidth on the discussion of the NBA playoffs already!

    What? This is the very first mention of a nearly three-month-old tournament?

    Why, you'd think people didn't care about the boring old NBA and its 77-76 championship game scores!

    But. But. That can't be right? Can it? The NBA doesn't suck so bad that its champion can shoot 28% and still dominate their opponent in six games, does it? That would imply that the best players in the world have flawed fundamentals, wouldn't it?

    Bah. Stupid NBA.
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    I watched. I usually don't want during the season...It seems that every year I just seem to catch the playoffs and finals...I was sad the Lakers weren't in it again this year...but oh well...

    Anyway, I wanted the Spurs to win. I always liked David Robinson...I'm glad he was able have his last game at home winning the final on Fathers Day.

    The Spurs really put their all into the 4th quarter...and it played off. For most of the game I thought we'd be getting a game 7.

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    Well it tells you something when I consider the Spurs my favorite team and I couldn't even be bothered to reschedule dinner plans and social events to be able to watch games 2 & 3 of this series. LUCKILY I caught game 4. *gag* (and no, concluding that I am a poor fan is NOT the correct answer)

    Basketball better wake up and take a look at what's happening to the NHL... they are headed down the same dark road.

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    This was upsetting I'm not necessarily a Nets fan, but I was pulling for them out of these two. Oh, well - next year the Lakers will be back on track!

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