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Thread: Baseball 2017: Pre-Season, Regular Season and Post Season

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    Re: Baseball 2017: Pre-Season, Regular Season and Post Season

    I am so HAPPY for the ASTROS!!!

    Their first ever CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

    WOOT WOOT!!!

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    Re: Baseball 2017: Pre-Season, Regular Season and Post Season

    Hunter Pence wore the ashes of a Dodgers fan in a necklace to help his daughter get closure

    Hunter Pence is the kind of ballplayer that marches to the beat of his own drum. The wild hair, the beard, the unique practice swing, his love of video games and even the games and comics coffee shop he hopes to open, it’s all very Hunter Pence-ian, and all awesome. So it may not surprise you to find out that he wore a necklace containing the ashes of a deceased fan on the field back in September.
    But would it surprise you to find out that Pence, who plays for the San Francisco Giants, wore the ashes of a Los Angeles Dodgers fan?
    Initially, maybe. But once you know the whole story, it’s not surprising at all. It’s just more of Pence being Pence-ian and wonderful.
    The whole thing started with filmmaker Matt Liston, who does a series of sports documentaries called “Mr. Impossible” for Uninterrupted. His most recent mission for “Mr. Impossible” is about a lifelong Dodgers fan named Melissa Janiszewski, and her journey to have the ashes of her father spread at Dodger Stadium, the place where they bonded over baseball.
    Melissa had reached out to Dodger Stadium several times about spreading the ashes of her father there, but each time they said no. Between public ordinances and their own policies, they don’t allow it. A Dodgers employee suggested that a nearby public park (with a view of the stadium) would be a good place, but the view of the stadium was questionable — as was the condition of the park itself.
    Liston even reached out to famous Dodgers fan Larry King, who couldn’t believe that the Dodgers wouldn’t allow that. Eventually, Liston recruited Hunter Pence, Giants right fielder, to help. They put Melissa’s father’s ashes in a necklace, which Pence wore during a Giants-Dodgers game on Sept. 22.
    As he always is, Pence was eloquent and thoughtful about wearing those ashes, and what it meant to Melissa.

    “It’s not necessarily the physical of the ashes. It’s being the instrument of that spirit and his presence being out there with me and hopefully giving her some closure.”
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