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Thread: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Brad is following his heart. Period. He fell for Emily very early on. Go Emily!

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Channy Channy made my day. Classy and gorgeous.
    For all the negative posts I read the last 2 weeks hinting that she wasn't asked to be the bachelortte because of her exit..What do you say now!? I'm so proud of her

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Alanna View Post
    She doesn't say anything other than Emily is really lucky.

    Chantal, I love you more now than I ever did.

    Now Brad wants her to reassure him that she's alright so he doesn't have to feel bad.

    Chantal went out classy like a lady. Haha, take that Pickelseimer!

    I wanted to choke him for her when he kept asking if she was ok. And then that crapola he laid on her during the walk of shame to the limo ... "This is a walk I never thought I would be taking with you!" Bradley, you are a jerk of the highest order. Here's a line from Emily for you - SHUT UP!

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Chantal is the kind of person who falls in love easily and probably out of love just as easily. I believe she left her husband because it just wasn't good anymore? What if that happened to Brad too? Please correct me if I am wrong. There are people who are hopelessly romantic and someone as emotional as Chantal could be that profile. But I don't know these people but I would say that both of these women and Brad are persons of value and hope they all will find happiness and figure out what it is they want in life and then live it.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Quote Originally Posted by dougrayfan View Post
    This has been bugging me since the sister in law said it: what is with women who think their ONLY value in life is the fact that they're mothers? Why do they judge women who aren't mothers as less than them, or that those women don't understand their lives? I don't have children, and these women act like they're so very perfect BECAUSE they're mothers? Damn, that just bugs the snot out of me. So, as soon as they squeeze a little person out they magically become special, all-knowing, perfect females and the rest of us just take up space?

    I'm behind in this thread but I just have to give you a shout out for this! So true. And so sad for them that their lives have decreased to the point that being a mom is the only thing that has value.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    I care about Brad and I care about Chantal.....they had more between them then he and Emileach. I cannot wrap my head around this. I knew what was coming and I cannot understand it. BFC can talk till he's blue in the face.....maybe he's right though, there was no competition between the final two cause the real F1 was Chantal until the family got involved. When they were talking and he jumped to defend her about her life at home he should have realized then they were leading him astray. I seriously blame them. Brad was in it for real....I like him, I trust him, and I feel bad for him. Get back to therapy Brad and this time make it about your family and not your love life. You'll be so shocked it'll knock you on your arse.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    5 minutes left? Wow, they gave a lot of time to the final 1.
    "Grammar is the bus that carries the words, without it they have to walk, and get very confused on the way." Unknown

    "My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read." Abraham Lincoln

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    She really is a pretty crier, I would have looked like a blubbering mess. It just sucks to watch because she's the only person I cared about in this whole show and I did not want to watch her get hurt. I freaking love her.
    Brad is a damn fool anyways and I hope Emily runs for the hills when all is said and done.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Brad has said the word "confident" a hundred times both Bachelor seasons. So annoying.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    I am glad we had those spoilers this season. Had we not known Chantel was with Jeff we would be feeling very different right now.

    Now we have to watch Emily walk into the huge cluster that has become her life. And, as we saw, she is no prize either. She will rule her homelife to suit her, self admitted, overly protective nature. No beers on the couch at 6pm for Brad. Nope, no way. You have a family now and you must tow the line, Buddy.

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