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Thread: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Quote Originally Posted by shoepie View Post
    WOW. Brad is so uptight he doesnt know what to do with this conversation. He is totally in love and freaked. He thinks she is bailing or something.

    Yep, so will he freak and give final rose to Chantal because he knows she'll take it without a doubt?

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Tiggerlgh View Post
    They didn't show her gift. But he had a bag walking away. I wonder what it was.
    Good catch!

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    OMG just showed your age for the first time the entire season. He just poured his heart out and said the best thing a man can say to single mohter and you sat there with that LOOK....I want to shake you!

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    I like how in their first 1 on 1 date Brad put Emily on the on their final 1 on 1 date Emily is putting Brad on the spot. At first I was soo mad at Em...but now I see how she is making sure her daughter is protected in this situation and Brad dosent see that
    Give me that DANG ON rose!

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    And you're ready to take all this mommy / baby drama on right off the jump Brad? Really? Good luck to you.
    "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling"

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Is he going to have to jump through hoops and prove himself all the time. What happens if he's really tired from work one night and doesn't want to get up at 3am, will that make him a bad father. She's too young and he really made a mistake and BFC and all the rest are full of crap.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    I acutally understand why Brad flipped out on that date. Emily would not let that subject go. He was opening his heart to her and she grilled him. He kept saying he was ready. Nevermind that we may not think he is. In that moment he was and he wanted Emily to be happy he opened to that. He expected her to be happy.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Quote Originally Posted by noche1 View Post
    Her job to protect the child not brad.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    He acted like he did at the final rose ceremony with DeAnna and he had to leave the platform and pace....I think he's having a panic attack too.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 3/14 The Bachelor 15: FINALE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Happygirl77us View Post
    We didn't get to see what she gave him in the bag when he left
    It was his... well... you know... eggs?

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