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There truly are people who motivate you, inspire you, support you...and you want to be with them because, in return, you find yourself becoming a better person, with more to give back to the other (and more to give to others outside the relationship.) There are also people who damage you and throw you under any oncoming vehicle...and you need to be well and truly rid of them, because they drag you down and diminish you, leaving you with little to give back to the other (and perhaps not even caring whether you do.)

I don't think this applies only to romantic relationships, but to all relationships. If you are in a relationship (with anyone), there is nothing amiss in the idea of [B]each [/B (both) ]of you wanting to bedcome better as a result of the other. Isn't that the ideal relationship -- one in which you both want to, and are, better as a result of the relationship, one in which you build something together?
I can say with 100% certainty that I have lived this. DH and my children have rescued me from a life that I am glad I never had to live. One example... I used to be a smoker... On our wedding night my DH broke down in tears telling me he couldn't live with out me and didn't know what he would do if he had to take me to the doctor only to find out I had lung cancer... I quit cold turkey... that was 5 years ago. I did tell him though if I ever find out the world is going to end I'm buying a carton.