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Thread: Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

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    Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    Please use this thread to post articles from valid media sources only. As always, provide a link, and we prefer you copy the article over.

    No discussion in this thread.
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    Re: Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers*
    The Bachelor 2011 spoilers: Does Chantal pick Brad Womack or Jeff Razore?

    * By Jane Lasky, National Celebrity Headlines Examiner
    * March 6th, 2011 4:58 pm ET

    OK, so this news headline is meant to be misleading for The Bachelor 2011 fans who don't like spoilers.

    If you don't mind, read on about whether or not Chantal picks Brad Womack or Jeff Razore.

    Of course, at first blush, it seems that this may not be a choice for Chantal, but wait: If she does pick Brad Womack, then obviously that's her pick. And, of course, he has to pick her over Emily.

    We don't know for sure which is the case, even though Reality Steve, who was once saying Chantal was in the arms of Brad, is now projecting Emily as the new life partner to Womack.

    But that's not the point.

    The point is: On the Bachelor 2011, would Chantal, given the two choices, pick Brad Womack or her alleged current beau, Jeff Razore, if she had her druthers?

    Probably Jeff.

    And why?

    Well, he's from Seattle (her home town), he's a hunk and half (much better looking than Brad Womack), and he's an all around great guy (not that Brad isn't and not that Brad is, either).

    In any case, reports say this alleged new boyfriend for Chantal is the epitomy of good: He even volunteers in his spare time away from his job as a marketing consultant, by coaching and training kids in athletics.

    And speaking of: Jeff Razore has an incredible body, that of a keen athlete who is ready to take on the world -- and Chantal, something Womack should/may have done in the first place.

    So, what do you think? On The Bachelor 2011, and as a spoiler, does Chantal pick Brad Womack or Jeff Razore? We'll all have to wait a couple of weeks to find out, but we're pretty sure the latter is true. Right, Reality Steve?

    The Bachelor 2011 spoilers: Does Chantal pick Brad Womack or Jeff Razore? - National Celebrity Headlines |

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    Re: Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers* Morning America: 'The Bachelor': Brad Womack's Five Craziest

    Interview about the WTA and some outakes of the season.

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    Re: Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    A video interview with Brad is available when you click on the link.

    Brad Womack admits he might still be a jerk - 03/07/2011 | Entertainment News from

    Brad Womack is down to two women for "The Bachelor" finale on March 14th, Emily Maynard and Chantal O'Brien, but on Monday night, "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All" special will air, where the bachelorettes talk about what went down this season.

    Womack caught up with about how he is "probably still" a bit of a jerk and admits that it's been so long since he's seen the woman he chose in the finale, that he's not even sure if there's still a relationship.

    "I'm starting to wonder if there is a relationship, I haven't seen her in so long," Womack told

    When asked if he was apprehensive to see all of the women he had sent home, the bachelor admits that it was much less stressful than the last time he was on the show, when he famously rejected both finalists, Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas in the season 11 finale.

    "This time around, I didn't really have any fears because the women and I really did get along really well, I remember last time I had some fears. I did, because I was somewhat of a jerk, I probably still am. But this go around, there were so many good friendships formed with these ladies and I was actually really excited to see them tonight."

    Brad says he "couldn't be happier" right now and says he thinks the finale is the most romantic one he's ever seen.

    "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All aired on Monday, March 7 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The finale and 'After the Final Rose' episodes air next week on March 14, 2011.
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    Re: Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    What You Didn't See on The Bachelor's Special

    They laughed. They cried. They called each other names. Considering how heated and weepy things got when 15 of the most memorable contestants from this season of The Bachelor reunited on a soundstage in Hollywood, it might be hard to believe there was still more that went unseen on The Women Tell All special. Here's the best of what you didn't see:

    • The anti-Michelle Money tirades were more intense and lasted almost twice as long in person. "I never in my life thought I would get that emotional," Money told PEOPLE backstage. "I was so upset I couldn't breathe. I never felt uglier. The whole process has been hard but tonight was my breaking point." Michelle did appreciate hearing words of support coming from the audience. "It feels redemptive to think maybe I changed a few opinions of me tonight," she said with a rare smile. "Maybe people at home will see I'm not the villain I was edited to be."

    • If you thought Madison's comment about not wanting to be friends insinuated that the fanged femme took issue with Michelle, you'd be wrong. She defended Michelle extensively, giving her props for being "honest from go about being there to find love not friends." Madison was also one of the women – along with Alli, Ashley H., Melissa and Lisa – who were thanked with hugs and hand squeezes from Michelle when she returned to her seat. "That was overly brutal," Madison said. "I would have cried too."

    • Brad had a much easier time at this reunion compared to the last one. "I didn't feel I did anything shady," he said. "I went in open-minded and gave everyone a shot. I let people go when I knew there was no chance at a future with them and I tried to be honest. And I fell in love so it was much easier to face them."

    • The Rachel vs. Melissa segment was nastier in person than it appeared on TV. Rachel's chest implants were mocked and mental disorders like ADD and OCD were bandied about to describe Melissa. When Jackie told her she should have just walked away from the drama and been the bigger person, Rachel told Jackie to go sing "Beauty and the Beast" because she was acting "so Disney." Rachel had so many zingers, it felt at times like an audition for season 2 of Bachelor Pad. "I hope they see from tonight that I would be a great candidate for that show," Rachel said. "My doctor would be happy to turn this $11,000 boob job into a $20,000 one after I win."

    • Rachel also had a chance to ask Brad if Melissagate was responsible for her exit. "I'm not a fan of drama and I wanted it out of the house," he said. After the show, Rachel felt vindicated: "I was happy to hear that the connection wasn't something I made up in my head, but I'm still pissed because I think that had I not gotten into the drama with Melissa, I had a real shot at the final two ... But now we'll never know thanks to that poisonous b–ch."

    • Chris Harrison did a double take when he first laid eyes on Ashley Hebert's new hairstyle. But she told PEOPLE after the show that she thought it surprised Brad more than anyone. "He didn't even recognize me, but when we hugged he said he thought it looked great a second time," she said. "I'm really happy with it. I feel like this is the natural me and I needed to refresh after this experience."

    The Bachelor Women Tell All - Michelle Money Cries and Ashley Hebert New Hair :

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    Re: Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    Why Bachelor's Chris Harrison Stood Up For Michelle: Enough Was Enough - Today's News: Our Take |

    When Bachelor host Chris Harrison said Michelle would blow people's minds, he was right, as she found herself the center of the Women Tell All attack. Even Harrison admits she was falling apart, and as much as the show plays to the drama, "sometimes enough is enough." Harrison shares with why Shawntel never made it into the "hot seat" and why he loves the new Ashley H.

    Where do we begin with Michelle?

    Chris Harrison: Three-quarters of the people seem to be happy [that I comforted her] and then there's a small faction that's like, "You stuck up for her. You fell for it." What I felt I needed to do was calm everybody down. ... In the middle of the commercial break I had to get her more Kleenex. She was absolutely falling apart. At the same time Stacey and other girls are going nuts, and didn't even break a stride. At one point I'm looking at them, like: Really, what the hell's wrong with you? I don't mind you jumping on board or stirring things up, but just wait to make it a fair fight. People always think we always want the drama, but sometimes enough is enough.

    It seemed like Stacy just wanted TV time.

    Harrison: She didn't even really know Michelle that well; she just watched the show with the rest of us. Whether you like Michelle or not ... when she jumped on Brad's lap never once did I hear Brad complain. Everything she did from the moment she stepped out of the limo absolutely played Brad perfectly and the other girls; of course, they were intimidated and jealous.

    How come we didn't hear from Shawntel at all?

    Harrison: She was scheduled to sit with me in the hot seat, but things got so crazy and out of hand with Michelle that we did another segment with her. Also, with Shawntel, we felt like you saw everything [during her final episode] and there was no lingering question. With Ashley H there was a question out there and with Ashley S a moment to be resolved.

    Were you surprised to see Ashley H doing so well despite being the last eliminated?

    Harrison: Ashley H had a phenomenal attitude. I didn't expect her to come in heartbroken and devastated and I think she assimilated the whole thing pretty quickly and moved on. Whether she finally admitted it or not, she was in love with Brad, but I don't think anybody wants to admit they were in love with somebody who dumped them. But I think she was, and I think she learned a lot from it. I love the new woman.

    Do you still see her as a likely Bachelorette?

    Harrison: Ashley H, as far as fans go, is a big front-runner. Everyone has sympathy for Ashley S, but from what I can tell from the fans, they're not clamoring for her ... She's one of those girls you just want to hug and tell her it's going to be OK and you hope she will get that self-esteem. That's the only thing she's lacking is the self-esteem a beautiful girl like her should have.

    Give us a hint about next week's finale.

    Harrison: For Brad to come out and say, "I'm in love and this girl has changed my life," doesn't do justice to what he's going to go through in the two hours you'll see next week. I don't think it's as simple and easy as people might be thinking. It's safe to say, there will be tears.
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    Re: Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    Mercer Island girl makes it to 'The Bachelor' finale -

    Will Brad Womack, star of this season’s “The Bachelor”, get cold feet at the final decision again or has he finally found “the one”? It’s getting down to the wire with only two contestants left.

    Washington native, Chantal O’Brien, is among the two. This local Mercer Island girl made a shocking entrance when she slapped the Bachelor upon their initial introductions.

    Since then, they both claim to have a real connection. He loves her bold personality and spontaneity. The hometown visits may have sealed the deal for Chantal and Brad because he could easily relate to her family. Her father, former NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks, Mike O’Brien, owns numerous auto dealerships around the Pacific Northwest, where Chantal is the executive assistant.

    She was married to Jason Vena, the former lead singer of Seattle alternative rock band Acceptance, from 2005 to 2009. Chantal has a good shot at being chosen by the Bachelor because he can be himself around her and has many of the characteristics that Brad is looking for in a wife.

    The other finalist, Emily Maynard, is a sweet, all-American girl that is an event planner for Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, NC. She has won the hearts of fans with her southern accent and tear-jerking story.

    Emily brought all the contestants to tears when she told the story of how she lost her fiancé in a plane crash just before she found out she was pregnant, but that hasn’t stopped her from falling in love with Brad.

    There may have been some awkward moments between the two due to Emily’s shyness and insecurities, and things got even more awkward on the hometown date when her five-year-old daughter Rikki was un-interested in Brad, but the two revealed that they are falling in love with each other while in South Africa.

    Emily is the only girl on the show that Brad has said he is falling in love with, but will she continue to be hesitant about actually committing to him? Find out Monday, March 14th to see who Brad chooses!
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    Re: Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    Brad finally got down on one knee and proposed to someone! Could it have been Chantal or Emily?

    The second time was a charm for Bachelor Brad Womack! Though he didn’t propose to either of the final contestants on his first stint on The Bachelor, he definitely did on his second go. In fact, Brad had to ask the winner to marry him four times!

    “The crew wanted different camera angles,” an on-looker tells Us magazine. “So Brad had to do it four times.”

    So did the winner — who could either be Chantal O’Brien or Emily Maynard — say yes? All four times, notes the witness!

    “She bent down and kissed him, then he swung her around,” remembers the witness of the Nov. 19 proposal.

    “They are excited to start their life together,” says a source.

    Leading up to the proposal, Emily and Chantal spent the day primping at a private house in Hout Bay, South Africa.

    Us hints that Chantal was the first to arrive by white limo at Ernie Els winery in Cape Town — and we all know what that means! She got the boot!

    According to a source, the whole goodbye took about 20 minutes to film. “And it only took five minutes between her getting dumped to driving off the set,” says the source. “The whole thing was quick and dramatic.”

    Unlike the goodbye, the happy moment — rumored to be centered on Emily — was extremely drawn out. Host Chris Harrison fumbled through his introduction lines. The camera crew had to keep adjusting the spotlights. And it was hot as heck in the 80-degree, dry South African heat. But at least there was a sunset throughout the whole finale!

    Despite the delays, the winner immediately said yes. “There was a lot of excitement,” says the source. “The director hugged Brad and kissed [the winner] on the cheek.”

    Since that day, the couple have been spending secret hours together in a Bachelor hideaway in Agoura Hills, Calif. And though they are engaged, Brad and the winner will most likely have a longer engagement as she has to relocate to his hometown of Austin, Texas.

    We’re happy to hear that Brad’s finally on the track to getting married. “When you know, you know,” he says. “And I just knew!”

    Be sure to watch the finale on March 14 and check back here at for our full recap!

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    Re: Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

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    Re: Media Articles Only - No Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    Can't wait for next Monday's Bachelor finale?

    The new Us Weekly, out Wednesday, has exclusive details -- and photos -- of Brad Womack's final, pre-proposal moments in South Africa with his last two women standing, Emily Maynard and Chantal O'Brien.

    PHOTOS: Closeup on the Bachelor women

    His last date (on Nov. 17) with sweet single mom Maynard, 24? A windy wilderness picnic in Cape Point that began with a helicopter ride. "They ended it with a kiss," an insider tells Us.

    As for fiery divorcee O'Brien, 28, she and Womack, 38, opted for something more adventurous the next day, Nov. 18: A whale and shark watch aboard a boat by the Danger Point peninsula. "They held hands," the source observed.

    When the time came for the native Texan to give out his final rose and propose -- and give one of the ladies some bad news -- Womack was uncharacteristically nervous, a source says.

    Still, "he knew he made the right decision," the insider adds.
    See Bachelor Brad on His Final 2 Dates! - Movies, TV & Music -
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