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Thread: *Spoilers* 2/28 The Bachelor: Episode 9

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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/28 The Bachelor: Episode 9

    Quote Originally Posted by jello1592 View Post
    Go to on Youtube and go to ABC's channel. There are video messages from Chantal, Emily and Ashley that Brad got to see before the RC. There is also a deleted scene which you need to check out! It is tooo funny!

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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/28 The Bachelor: Episode 9

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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/28 The Bachelor: Episode 9

    Quote Originally Posted by nuts2uiam View Post
    Brad: Excuse me please MR. Fleiss and TPTB, can I be honest here man, maybe, I wasn't paying attention, oh boy, I know I should have been but mercy there is so much to consider, this is the biggest decision of my life so please just once more; if I choose no one, what are the parting gifts? Thank you so very much.
    I won one of the weekly "goody bags" from the sponsored network during Brad's season.
    One of the items included was a rhinestoned condom compact(yes, you read that right--I didn't know there was such a thing). I'll be glad to offer it up for Brad as a parting gift along with the matching rhinestone liquor flask!
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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/28 The Bachelor: Episode 9

    Quote Originally Posted by FanOfUnrealTV View Post
    If my kid knew AT ALL or my husband knew the extent...they would have me in a program. Thankfully, I have been able to keep up pretenses by making dinner every night.

    Really, I can quit anytime.
    No kid or hubby but yeah if people REALLY knew my obsession, I'd be in treatment. So sad!

    Alex, ITA with you upthread that Chantal knew or must have realized that it wasn't going to work out. I think it was Bevo in the other thread that said the F2s usually know or "feel" it and that's why we have so many of them freaking out and crying before anything even happens. Even Chris and Reid said post-show that they felt they weren't The One but because TPTB were around egging them on, they continued being in the "bubble." Last night B/C were really detached and I think she must have known it was the end.
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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/28 The Bachelor: Episode 9

    Quote Originally Posted by pulp View Post
    Chantal reveals (unbeknownst to her before taping) that she is in, indeed, in the first trimester of a pregnancy and must leave the show to re-evaluate her life.
    Come on.. she didn't look like this at the beginning!
    Chantal made a comment that SI had airbrushed off 16 pounds. It looks like she is the only one from Brad's F4 that packed on the pounds while she was on the show, bless her heart. Maybe she is a stress eater/drinker.

    If Chantal is going to be the Bachelorette, she'll have trainers to get her into shape like they did with Jason. She will have a stylist to ensure that she doesn't have another red satin dress-mess and a makeup person to tone done the red blush. We saw how attractive she could be at the SI shoot with professional help. I just hope they don't mess with that endearing little space between her front teeth like they did with Matt Grant.

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