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Thread: There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First

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    Re: There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First

    Emily could have any guy in the world. Are we really gonna wish Brad (who is 14 years her senior and has a plethora of issues) upon her?
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    Re: There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First

    I really believe that Brad in Cabo with his buddies for the weekend and Emily out on the town with her BFFs was them doing their bachelor/bacherlorette parties before their wedding.. : )

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    Re: Who do you think is the F1?

    Quote Originally Posted by Truelovealways View Post
    OMG this is music to my ears I so hope you are right. Goodbye to RS and I saw the love story between Emily and Brad !!! Thanks for the info. Hope RS enjoys his crow
    I saw a love story as well.....

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    Re: There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First

    Quote Originally Posted by Shelby101 View Post
    I know! thanks for the support tho

    my love boad is going down right now

    I cannot believe that one person can be that trusted and it is not even a direct source. Nobody is questionning that her source may play with her tho....
    There is a difference with BlondieG, she doesn't shout it from the rooftops as soon as she hears it, or rub it in people's faces. If she thinks it's suspect she'll say. Of course sources can be wrong, but I have way more respect for BG who out-scooped RS last year too!
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    Re: There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First

    Quote Originally Posted by quietlurker View Post
    Yes... As security leads her away from the podium... ROFLMAOOOOOO

    I liked her, I really did but that CRACKED me up! I'm with someone else, I'm not sure she makes it to the podium. I'm not sure Brad didn't cave after the MTF and just tell her or somehow tell her before FRC.
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    I'm ready for the bach'ette Ash, now. My son is going to kill me if he lands on FORT these days seeing my new avatar

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    Re: There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First

    I don't really care who is F1 (I like all the F3 just fine), but I've always wondered what the "Will She" stuff meant. I guess if Blondie is correct then that makes more sense. Reading the FORT posts this afternoon posts has been hysterical. However, if the latest news is true, it makes these comments from RS blog even funnier.

    "Brad chose Chantal OíBrien. Yes, the girl who slapped him. Of course, I expect plenty of you to doubt this because I was wrong on the Roberto/Ali ending last season, and thatís fine. You may doubt all you want, and technically I wonít be vindicated until March 14th when it airs, but Iím not the least bit worried. I know this season Iím right. How do I know this? Because on Thanksgiving, Brad was in Palm Desert, California with Chantal and her family celebrating Thanksgiving with them. "

    and then later

    "Detractors will give you stories of secret endings being filmed, or saying they know somebody who swears they know Emily or Ashley won, or even tell you ABC had someone purposely feed me the wrong information. They might even try to cut into my credibility and character a little bit. Theyíll have no evidence, mind you. None. But itís gonna be entertaining. The fact of the matter is this: Brad chose Chantal in South Africa, and they spent Thanksgiving together with her family in Palm Desert at her familyís vacation home. These are the facts of the case. And they are undisputed"

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    Re: There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First

    Part of RS's post says that he can't come forward with this until he knows everything, but "trust me when I do, you all will be the first to hear it. It’s not rumor, it’s not speculation, it’s not anything like that. This is pretty serious stuff that went down that I know you’ll want to hear."

    That doesn't sound like a new F1 announcement to me; serious would be an odd choice of words. My first thought was that maybe it's information about why Emily turned down being the 'ette (drama w/the Hendricks family?).

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    Re: There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First

    This is great news. Hope it's true. It at least helps all of us who are convinced Emily is F1 that we're not so crazy now.

    Thanks for the news.

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    Re: There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First

    If RS is wrong about the F1, it could be very likely he is also wrong about the next Bachelorette season being Ashley H. They had opportunity to announce the new Bachelorette yesterday evening and did not. That gives me reason to doubt RS now after Blondie's news.
    It could be RS' source for the F1 and new bachelorette is the same and gave misinformation twice.
    I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    Re: There's a New F1 in Town and Fort Has It First

    Shut up!!!!!

    From fridge pics to black scarves to every second I spend with you is pheonominal, to pronouncing Chantal Shawntel, to RS has been fed, sleuthers had no doubt this would be the outcome. All because we sleuthed!!!

    BlondieGal: This is so very rewarding, THANK YOU for sharing your information with us!

    Its not a matter of who's right and who's wrong, its a matter of the enjoyment of sleuthing!! Period.

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