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Thread: Here's What I Was Told

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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    At the risk of double-posting and making myself look (and feel) really dumb, I must report that I did break down and e-mail Reality Steve. Something I can honestly say I never thought I'd do in a million-jillion years.

    He responded really quickly (what does he do all day?): Dumbest thing I've ever heard. For what it's worth.

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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    Quote Originally Posted by kjeriss;4193892;
    I try to never analyze anyone's motives for doing anything cause it's impossible, but I will say this: to me, being enticed by a large sum to do the show is understandable, but I hardly think that Brad is was destitute prior to the show. As for Chantal, her dad's business has been a huge success for many years, and while any exposure is good, pretty sure he didn't "need the business". As for the rest, to be honest, I'm not sure Brad is savvy enough to fake a whole season, and i still maintain there is NO WAY that Chantal could fake not only the tears, but the raw emotion that you see on her face, even when the camera isn't right on her. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter- I'll still watch and enjoy the show, but I consider myself a pretty good judge of character- and I'm just not getting the fake, bad vibes from either of them that I've gotten from sooo many other past participants.
    Excellent post, Kjeriss. ITA

    A lot of people believe everything is scripted and fake and possibly others believe everything they see (not anyone here I'd hazard a guess). I find myself in the middle thinking there's retakes, creative casting, and editing but not hiring actors (except maybe Shayne) or pre-scripting the f1 and 2. It doesn't really matter because the season will end in a few weeks and we can judge what we see of Brad and Chantal together. It should be interesting at least.

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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    Quote Originally Posted by moonpie;4193904;
    I think this portion of Lithargic's post is important, especially the bolded. How much of this is the source's speculation? I don't think that Lithargic is claiming that this is all 100% fact.

    While I'm sure some bits are all true ... Michelle's (over)acting, Brad getting a large payday ... like anything, there may be shades of gray and open to interpretation. I'm willing to keep a (somewhat) open mind about a "connection" (hee!) coming out of this show, whether or not it was set up or lasts in the long term. I'd also like to think that Brad's friends come on here to share and not as part of a grand cover up. Maybe I'm naive?!
    I agree... I'm sure some things are fact... like Brad doing it for the money and that 4 or 5 bachelorettes were added on. But I think Brad is too dumb to be a good actor.. So I can't buy all of it. I'm sure Lithargic's source is doing a lot of speculating.

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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    Sounds plausible. Chantalnhas gotten the short end of the stick. I would venture to guess that most unspoiled fans haven't a clue about her dad's the publicity is minimal at best. She must be an awesome, awesome actress

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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    I dont get the hate on Brad at all -

    its a TV show, its entertainment - I get that out of it, and much more thanks to FORT!

    I think if there is hate to be thrown around I say throw Chris H under the bus - he's the one that goes around defending it as true, and real!

    Look at what happens after the show (and think about how many cameras there are always around - Good point about being kept up late, plied with alcohol, (I'm sure that the alcohol is distributed not all the time, but for when its convenient for show! I think I saw more alcohol shots in Anguilla than anywhere - that was one large fruity drink that disappeared quickly! So sleep deprivation and alcohol, + a few well scripted outlines!)

    anyway - after the show - it appears that many of these "contestants" get together and become friends!

    What's up with that?

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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    Quote Originally Posted by veg_out;4193890;
    The "love story" is where the spoilers breakdown. RS says that he picks Chantal. Lith's source says that he "picked the girl who slapped him." Lith extrapolates on a highly scripted and produced season. They give us the hard-and-fast facts, but no one comments on if there were any real feelings that developed. The only source that says anything about a love story is BabyfaceC, who--unless he's lying--is Brad's friend. In the following post during week two, he said this much:

    Either Brad continued the Bach-PR to his business partner/friend to cover the bases per his contract or he's honest with Jason that he did find love.

    I'm wondering if we call off the dogs now based on this information or if there's a chance that, in spite of it all, Brad did find love among the "cuts" and "actions" of this farce.
    I mean I'm a romantic so I'd like to think that. But it's live and let live at this point.

    I do think that if Brad wasn't truly happy, he wouldn't tell his best friend he was or act like he does during interviews but who knows.

    I also think it's possible for these "actors" to fall in love at "work."

    Finally, there were a LOT of rumors from insiders or what have you that Ali was only doing it for money, exposure, etc. too. And while no one can argue that she doesn't like the exposure, I'm fairly certain she's pretty attached to the guy too.
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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    I actually have more respect for Michelle than I do for Emily though... at least she made sure she got out before she involved her daughter.
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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    Quote Originally Posted by anders332;4193830;
    care to share?
    Here's a few of the tweets from last night from bachelortv
    Usually when a man enters a home in the middle of a night with a flashlight, he's a creep. Yup---the theory holds #Bachelor

    When Ashely put the shells up to her ears, she heard the ocean. If you put Brad's head up to your ears, you will also hear emptiness.

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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    When the spoiler came out that there would be a scandal which made everybody on the show look bad I thought it had to be a Script Scandal. The script tied them all together as a set of fakers like nothing else could.

    How is Chris Harrison going to explain this one away? lol.

    How much do you think they paid Chantal to ruin her reputation? She got a terrible edit and she'll have to live with it for a long time. Did the portrayal of her as needy, weepy, and insecure make her ex want her back!?

    The thing that bothered me from the start as too unrealistic was the idea that somebody like Brad would choose somebody so less hot than him. Rich men prefer supermodels esp. when they have "leverage."

    It seems the tabloid allegations about her were true, that she tried to get her husband back just before the show, if she went on the show to make him jealous. Are the ones about the cop more realistic now?

    I saw a guess on another board that both Chantal and Michelle were plants.

    The thing that always bothered me about sweet innocent Emily was how could somebody so genuine internally be so fake externally (haircolor, teeth, implants, etc.)

    Did the cast get to see the entire script from the beginning?

    Did anybody else feel this season was over-edited (more than usual)? Not that everything seemed spliced and diced six ways from Sunday but too often they seemed to be trying too hard... why? It didn't make sense unless they were trying to hide something.

    P.S. If the scandal breaks soon, how will Emily accept the role as next Bette? She's already skittish about everything.
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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    Thanks lithargic for coming forward this season as you have before. So much of what you say makes perfect sense -- this was a quick fix for Fleiss to recoup the loss of Chris L. as bachelor, what better promotion than a redemption season for Brad. Everything thing from the slap to the post filming media blitz has been out to prove Brad is a changed man and has found love this time. Also, many of us who are still sleuthing did not buy the outlined RS spoilers that Chantal was the true F1 down to the faux Thanksgiving Dinner. Fleiss has managed to sell disinformation again to RS who is putty in their hands for dishing out the hoax. Good thing many of us didn't buy it.

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