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Thread: Here's What I Was Told

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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    Quote Originally Posted by anders332 View Post
    I'm sure it wasn't her idea to bring him to the mortuary - or where ever this takes place. She knew she was being manipulated into it and went along with it - I still don't like it. But, I agree, she has a great sense of humour and hopefully it comes off funny and not morbid.
    I agree with you. I really don't think that someone who chooses this type of career enjoys having it mocked and would far rather not be involved in mocking it herself. But a cute, funny, easy-to-like mortician? This girl was destined for this show and it is pretty obvious where this would ultimately go.

    I totally get the humor-in-bad-situations thing. But I think that's best left in the break room and not cued up in the editing room. I just don't have a place in my heart for this kind of disrespect.

    I wish the bad taste on this show shocked me.
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    Re: Here's What I Was Told

    I liked Shawntell up until Peaches the cross eyed cat and talk of orifices. That's when I thought her immaturity showed through. Everyone needs a sense of humor, including morticians, but I don't know if national TV is the place to display it when speaking about a delicate and painful subject such as death, nor do I think any of it was funny, just immature. Some things are just not meant to be made fun of. Since I know she goes Nowheresville this season, I think I'll just skip her hometown date.

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