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Thread: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

    Quote Originally Posted by umngirl;4193152;
    I love that Chantal and Shawntel seem like such good friends.
    Me, too.

    Anyway, wow tonight's episode was a trip. Talk about group date from hell. I felt bad for Chantal when he gave Ashley the rose, but that's why group dates suck. Happy Michelle is gone. It's clear that the thought of losing Chantal is what made Brad really cancel the rose ceremony and get straight to his decision. He looked so sad when she walked away and she looked like she was pulling away, literally. I think that was a gut check for Brad.

    Bremily's date was cold to me. I was trying to feel something there, but all I get is Brad trying too hard. This date was better than their first one though so that's progress.
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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

    so why chantal was so cheerfull in her vlog saying that she loved anguilla when it is obvious it was the worse time during the season??????

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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexxxx;4193153;
    He said volatile.

    I was pretty sure I heard involuntory...which saying something of the sort is sort of Brad's MO...he seems like a sweet guy, but not the sharpest tool in the shed. But I could be wrong and I don't have DVR (argh!) so I can't check...doesn't matter though, still think Brad's a bit dense, and tonight affirms that belief.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

    Quote Originally Posted by ScrappyRN;4193168;
    Is that the lame goodbye he's talking about?
    No he was referring to Michelle...
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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

    anyone have a link for the westcoast stream please? I just got home and missed the east coast stream...thanks!
    Team Alibeartito

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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

    Ricki is a 5 year old child & not accustomed to men being brought home. Brad as an adult knows that & so does EMILY. The child can not be expected to just run up to a man she has no clue who he is in less than a few hours visit. Thast reality isn't it. It won't make any difference to Brad. He will work it out & understand it. You can't get anymore real than that in a reality show.
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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

    i do not trust really anything about ricki..... EDIT EDIT EDIT

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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Shelby101;4193165;
    sooooo I am really off tonight.

    I really do not know what to think now
    That's exactly how you're supposed to feel going into HTDs.
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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

    Quote Originally Posted by Chacharo;4193171;
    Seriously, Michelle? I loved your exit, but I can't believe they just allowed you to lay down and not talk. I can't wait to see your diary of the departed! I sure hope they get you to say something.
    I thought they drove the rejected around for hours until they got the emotions they wanted. I guess with Michelle they decided not to...she was most likely 'acting' the whole time anyway.

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    Re: *Spoilers* 2/14 The Bachelor: Episode 7

    Quote Originally Posted by pbmax;4193161;
    The only thing is he's not reciprocating it.
    IMO he did..... and still is
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