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Thread: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by FanOfUnrealTV View Post
    Oh my goodness, there is some formatting that needs to be cleaned up in some of these posts -- there are quotes being attributed to someone that I don't think shares the opinions being attributed to her.

    I know I did not make a comment about Cori .. well the put up wet comment.

    I think we need to be a little bit careful when we are quoting somebody that its the correct post.. I seen more that a few opps wrong post today.

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by mprssdbyu View Post

    I'm going to quote Brad here as he is The Bachelor this season and in the end what he thought and feels is the ONLY thing that matters.

    "She's the most beautiful woman." He was having a great time in Anguilla. Appears they both were.
    Yep at the end it doesn't really matter what any of us thinks all that matter's is what Brad thinks. He thinks he has won a prize and that she is the most beautiful woman and he loves her. That is enough for me good luck to them
    "People throw rocks at things that shine and life makes love look hard but my choice is you" -Bremily

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Jagfan View Post
    Maybe because Cori has a job and WORKS for a living, she doesn't have time or money for endless spa days her looks suffer and she can't keep up in that department with dear Saint Emily. Hey, who knows, maybe Cori actually cleans her own house and does her own laundry. I give her a lot of credit for getting an education and working in care-giving job (nursing) that helps people.

    What exactly does Saint Emily do? Oh, that's right, nothing. So she's able to leave her daughter behind to go on a reality TV dating show. Now, that's a productive use of time. But, hey, she found Tru Luv 4ever so it's all good.

    Not sure why it's so important to bring Cori down. Saint Emily won - game over.

    Quote Originally Posted by Truelovealways View Post
    Do you know Em? How do you know that she doesn't clean her house or do her own laundry and how do we know she does nothing all day. We don't know what any of the these people do in there every day life outside of this show. Oh and Cori went to a mag to sell someone else out she put herself in the public eye and people are going to state there opinions about her.

    Adding to your post Truelovealways, Emily has worked before. She did real estate when she was in Nashville and may have had other jobs that we are unaware of. Also, jagfan, are all stay-at-home Moms considered to doing nothing whether they are middle class with a husband supporting them or a woman of means with family money, or is it just Emily that is the problem? Who knew being able to not work a spend time with your kid meant your unworthy, worthy of scorn, considered useless, and not to be living a productive life.
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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Good Lord! The reason I posted that article was to confirm that Emily stepped out in the dating scene 2 yrs after Ricky's death with Dale Jr. It also confirmed they dated for several weeks and they remained friends. They did not get engaged as reported in,,, I don't even know where.

    The parents were building summer homes together, for goodness sake, we have these two already dating and doing who knows what at 12 and even blaming that as the reason for her pregnancy? I hate to spill the beans, but it doesn't matter what age, location, city state, how strict the parents are, it can happen at any time, and not just because two families spent a lot of time together. I spent many years at a marina on weekends, and many summers at a cottage up north and many vacations in Florida. You invite people for dinner, you have bbq's together, you do things together whether the kids are infants or teenagers or married with their own spouses. With building homes at the same time, you borrow things, you are together a lot.

    I can't imagine not inviting "your son" because he's older than my daughter.

    At 17 or so she moved to Charlotte. By that time they have known each other and the families for 5 or 6 yrs. Unfortunately a tragic accident occurs, and fortunately a beautiful daughter is born. I don't care how much money grandparents have or haven't, any grandparent I know would do anything for their grandkids, and this is no exception. They can do whatever they want for this little girl, they have the money, I say go for it, its their deceased son's little girl. They can look after her for the rest of her life, what's the problem with that. There are many kids that are being looked after their grandparents, because of drug issues alchol etc and don't have money. Its called love.

    Whether it was a planned pregnancy or not, who cares, what difference does it make. They had a loving relationship, there are a lot of pictures to prove it, she's not the first teenage pregnancy.

    She was young, and looked after her child, maybe she didn't work right away. She was fortunate to have someone with millions of dollars to look after her and her child. What is wrong with that. The disecting of Emily's life has gone over the top just because she wasn't the favourite F1.

    I had this article since the begining of the season. I choose not to post it and forgot about it. However with the constant accusation of being engaged to Dale Jr, I shared it.

    Now we have a teenager who at 12 13 yrs old was fooling around with an 18 yrs old, who got pregnant on purpose because their parents were friends, who is a gold digger and sits at home without an education collecting money. I could never speak like that about someone I know, let alone someone I have no facts to back it up. These are just my opinions.

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by SecretGarden View Post
    So it's practically confirmed then that she is not F1?!
    This story of Chantal having a BF brings back memories of Brad's last season. Remember Jenni went right back to her ex right after the show filmed and I wondered why tptb didn't seem to care and here we have Chantal openly dating and tptb don't seem to care. Of course, we know why they didn't care that Jenni was dating, it was because they knew Brad didn't choose DeAnna either. However, they knew the views in the know would think he pick DeAnna.

    I hope we don't have something like that this time. Are we sure that Emily didn't dump him at the FRC? What comes to mind is the early commercials that said it won't be "WILL HE, BUT WILL SHE?" I'll just be glad when it's over. Even if Brad does choose Emily, I am just having a hard time seeing him get down on one knee and propose. Just can't picture it!

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    We've had to delete quite a few posts in this thread because people are quoting posts incorrectly and not making sure the quote tags are closed. If you quote someone's post and can't edit the quoted text properly, then don't do it. This only leads to confusion and disagreements about who said what.

    Additionally, this thread is getting way off topic. This thread is for discussing tabloid rumors, so let's keep the discussion focused on that
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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Even if Brad does choose Emily, I am just having a hard time seeing him get down on one knee and propose. Just can't picture it!
    I found a poll yesterday on the mother board asking who people thought Brad would purpose to. The options were Chantal, Emily, or no one. Emily was winning by 69%.

    As Sanlee pointed out last year ABC gave away that Ali would be purposed to when they mentioned it in their Tahiti/Bora Bora Givaway. I remember taking a screencap of it last season.

    So I think he will be purposing to his F1 with that ring we see him hold up in the previews.
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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Not sure how this thread got to be about what cori looks like... People's looks have nothing to do with anything.

    We are supposed to be adults here and after what i've just read (catching up) -- i think ill say a big no thanks to this board.
    We like because... we love although...."

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by eepsuel View Post
    Not sure how this thread got to be about what cori looks like... People's looks have nothing to do with anything.

    We are supposed to be adults here and after what i've just read (catching up) -- i think ill say a big no thanks to this board.
    Don't let a few posters drive you away from the boards - most of the people are funny, witty and well-spoken. If you'll notice - the posters who are the most respected very,very rarely speak ill of any of the contestents - the show yes, tptb yes but they are very aware of the editing etc. When I read more than 3 posts from a poster that I find offensive I just don't read their posts anymore (makes checking the boards much faster these days).
    "It's just a show" - let's try not to trash people - tptb do that very well all on their own they don't need our help!

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Public records show that the Hendricks bought their Florida home in 2002. If the Hendricks & Maynards met while building their homes, that would have made Emily 15 or 16. I think that makes more sense then Ricky hanging out with a 12 year old. I'm just speculating here but Ricky may have postponed the wedding because he developed feelings for Emily. I guess that would explain Cori's bitterness. Being dumped for someone who is more than 10 years younger than you can be a hard pill to swallow. Hurtful as it may be, it's pathetic to carry a grudge for 7-8 years.

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