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Thread: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by ZG_Champion View Post
    Did the In touch article have any photos of Cori? I found a photo of her and her husband in a newspaper from April, 2009 announcing their marriage. Does anyone want me to post it?
    YES! Please..

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    I haven't seen the actual article in the magazine, but for anyone who has: Are there quotes from Cori or just from "sources" or "friends"? Also, if there are quotes from Cori, do we know if they are recent or possibly said years ago?

    I just try to take all this stuff with a grain of salt. I'm sure there are parts in this article that are accurate and some is probably embellished. Since I know none of the people directly involved and don't have any personal stake in the situation, I will just say that's it's unfortunate when ANY contestant is dragged through the tabs and the stories that are made up/embellished to sell said mags.
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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by anders332 View Post
    yes please.
    ok, here you go: Here's the top half of the article:

    Here's the bottom half:

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by junkfilter777 View Post
    The new tabloid rumors about Emily are being discussed in just about every thread but this Tabloid Rumor thread so I'm going to bring it over here.

    Here is a snippet of the breaking story:
    Celebrity news and entertainment from In Touch Weekly

    I'd like to break down some of the available rumors.

    Rumor 1: Cori claims the engagement between Emily and Ricky was a lie created by the Hendricks due to their embarrassment of their grandchild being conceived out of wedlock. Cori claims that after she gave her engagement ring back to Ricky, the Hendricks took that same ring and gave it to Emily after Ricky's death so she could pretend she had been engaged to Ricky.

    Rumor Debunked: I don't see how Cori's claims could be anything other than a lie. There is this Facebook image of Ricky and Emily, while Ricky was still alive, that shows Emily wearing what appears to be an engagement ring on her left hand's ring finger. Therefore, not something she received after Ricky's death:

    Remembering Ricky Hendrick's Photos - With Emily | Facebook

    Rumor 2: Cori claims she was not aware of any 'Emily' in Ricky's life.

    Rumor Debunked: There is an entire album of photographs showing Ricky and Emily together and very much as a couple.

    See album: Remembering Ricky Hendrick's Photos - With Emily | Facebook

    Not to mention the videos floating around of them that were posted on the internet years before Emily ever went on the Bachelor. Not to mention the sightings of her at the races with Ricky. Not to mention the inclusion of Emily in other press releases relating to Ricky during his life and after his death. If anyone was a phantom in all of this, it is Cori.

    Rumor 3: Cori claims her and Ricky were childhood sweethearts and not Emily.

    Rumor Clarified: All Emily ever claimed was that Ricky was her first love. She never claimed she was his first love. I am not surprised to hear that Ricky had been with other people before Emily due to the fact he was a bit older than she was. Just because Cori had been with Ricky at one point doesn't negate the fact he was with Emily later.

    I don't know what other rumors there were and I don't plan on buying that trash piece but from what I can read so far with what has been posted on line and adding to the fact it is so easy to debunk, that article's credit has been ruined and so has Cori's.

    Just wanted to get my thoughts out there somewhere.

    I say the story is at least 98% false. Did Cori know Ricky, yes we've seen the pic of two them. Does that mean that everything else she said is true. No.

    When you google, she doesn't even live in Charlotte or work at Levine. #justsaying

    Besides they couldn't even bother to make sure one of the pictures of Brad that was used is really Brad.. Sorry they even got that wrong it's Chad..

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    I've known about all this sort of stuff from before the season started- my brother is a regular on nascar boards. If this makes anyone look bad, it's the Hendricks. Emily was a desperate and impressionable girl. The boy she loved had just died. She was pregnant. If the engagement was fabricated after-the-fact, you can't really blame her for slipping that ring on her finger. And stealing Ricky from Cori? Why women blame the other woman when their man leaves is beyond me. You blame the man, ladies

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by jelle View Post
    There is a much earlier discussion about cori somewhere around here. If my recolection is correct, Cori broke the engagement to Ricky in mid 2003.

    The article was vile. No matter the circumstances, it was all in the past. That someone would be clinging to an engagement that she broke over 8 years ago is just sick. That her friends are doing it for her is even more bizzare.

    Really it makes no sense to go on one of these shows, it is much more lucrative to sell your garbage to the rag mags. The take is way better than having to go through all the hassle of being on the show and all you have to do is trash someone for cash.

    If Chantal had remained the leading F1 prospect, I believe we would have seen instead of Emily being trashed, we would have seen all about Chantal's divorce and affair story with embellishments and musical accompaniment.

    I am beginning to believe that NEXT has some control over the release of this stuff. I am not a conspiracy theory person like some, but too many things have happened this season that makes me wonder who is pulling the strings and for what reasons. There are some really disgusting people out there and this show seems to bring them to the surface.
    I was thinking earlier this morning along the lines of the edit and teasers that never play out. It occurred to me that with the Jason/Melissa/Molly story they were dealing with real time, we had one of those situations.
    We plainly heard the teaser that Molly was worried about taking Jason home to meet her family. She had been in this, I think, 3 year relationship with this guy with whom her parents did not approve.
    There were all kinds of speculation about Molly's illicit relationship....

    The thing about it was absolutely zero came up about that during the HTs. I fugured that was because Molly was not the actual F1 at the FRC even though in essence she was the true F1 in the long run.
    If Molly had been the F1 at the FRC, I suspect that angle would have played out, and whoever this guy and any skeletons attached might have rattled, but since she wasn't the FRC F1, they didn't pursue that teaser.
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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by tbamom View Post
    Emily is also about 6 years older now than when that photo was taken. Her body would have matured and possibly her face may have become more angular. My body, on the other hand became less angular with age.
    Since when don't we pears have angles? Honey, our angles have curves, eat your heart's out 20 somethings!!!!
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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    [mod edit]

    but there are too many holes in that story for me. Emily was definitely with Ricky for a long time (much more than 3 months) we have evidence of that, she is also wearing the ring on her finger while Ricky was alive. Now whether they were "officially" engaged or not, I don't know. And I honestly don't care, in the eyes of Emily and Ricky's parents they were. It doesn't change the fact that they loved each other very much and she suffered a terrible lose at the age of 18 and was left pregnant. Its still a sad story, isn't it?

    I don't have any blinders on...Do I believe she dated NASCAR celebs, absolutely, its the world she lives in. Do I believe that she wanted to pursue a career in Entertainment at one time -- yes I could also see that since I don't think she has any formal degree from college but I don't think that makes her this evil person that everyone seems to want to turn her into. Emily never gave herself a Mother Theresa Edit, Meghan said it and it was more tongue in cheek because everyone knows Mother Teresa was a virgin and Emily had a baby at 18. It was more about how she treats people!

    I know people have a problem with the fact that she came on the show and is a mom but she left Ricki in the very capable hands of her grandparents not at some daycare center. She came because she wanted to meet Brad on the Bachelor. So what. I don't see anything wrong with that.

    I, like a lot of people, love and root for Emily not because of her story but for the fact that in spite of the story, she truly seems to be nice, loving and happy person. I admire the way she's handled herself in an environment that breeds and an often encourages the most unladylike action with its the endless amount a free following booze and boredom. This show generally shows the most trashy and the worst type of woman, and she's rare. When Ricki is older she would have nothing to be ashamed of over seeing her mom on Bachelor. I also think if Brad picked her, his family has to feel pretty good right now about her. She's also been very open and honest about how she felt about Ricky and that has to make his parents feel good as well, to know just how much she loved their son.

    I like that she seems to genuinely care for those around her and I am not making that up just because I have on "blinders". I am taking that from what her friends here have said and the unfettered comments given by every girl that has left the show.
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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by ZG_Champion View Post
    ok, here you go: Here's the top half of the article:

    Here's the bottom half:

    Well, I can certainly see why she hate Em so much, I'd say that was a definite upgrade for Ricky!

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    Re: Tabloid rumors **possible SPOILERS**

    Everyone is going to believe what they want to whether true or not. I have my own opinion on Emily and it is not favorable. I won't be calling her names, nor will I say what I base it on. Why bring myself down to a baser level just because someone doesn't think the way I do? It's not worth it.

    I would just like to say....she is not a Southernbelle. She was not born and raised in the Old South and her "drawl" keeps slipping into a WV twang.

    That is all

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