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Thread: Whose "spoilers" do you believe?

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    Re: Whose "spoilers" do you believe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Erinn_123 View Post
    I don't believe any of the spoilers. I won't believe anything until I see the FRC honestly.

    I don't believe in the spoilers too, but do believe the first love story I saw with my eyes and am waiting till FRC to see what unfolds.

    " The soul that can speak through the eyes can also kiss with a gaze."

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    Re: Whose "spoilers" do you believe?

    To be frank, I do not believe anybody's spoilers. This show has turned into anything but a love story or true reality. With so much interest by TPTB and tabloids, is it any surprize that we have not one but multiple spoiler sources!?

    Don't even get me started on RS, who is a special story. He obviously gets Fleiss' job done, hence he always has some accurate info, but slyly pushes misleading info too. It doesn't hurt that he gets some traffic to his website while he does this !

    I am with those who believe in sleuthing and common sense in analyzing details of the show. Anything else is just well packaged PR!

    BTW, hi to all - I have been lax this season

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