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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Screencap Discussion*

    I have mentioned it before, but I do not for one second believe that Brad's F2 shows up at the FRC. Brad is truly and deeply in love, and he wants this moment to be all about him and his F1. He "broke the rules" once, I think he will do it again. No way will they let the Redemption Bachelor leave another girl crying at the podium. And beside, Brad has said the final day is amazing and many will agree! Does not leave room for anyone heartbroken and in despair.

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Screencap Discussion*

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Write View Post
    Many moons ago, I posted somewhere that I thought it was strange that some of the buildings that are shown in the footage of the limo leaving Els Winery don’t appear on google earth - but I tried to explain that away. And then a whole legion of us have speculated that more than 1 limo leaves Els Winery (of course the second limo could be Brad shutting the door of the one he arrives in).

    But there is something else about the limo rides that has had me scratching my head. At the end of EP1 and EP5 we were shown footage of Brad in a limo. When I looked at it a few weeks ago I thought "holy macaroni" (as Ryv would say) this shows Brad making two separate limo journeys. Look over Brad’s right shoulder in the two scs below. Notice also the difference in light on Brad's forehead.

    1. Different limos or different journeys in one limo (with all the possibilities that arise from that). BTW - there are some two-tone limo seats out there.
    2. Differences in perspectives as a result of different camera angles and changes in the light as a result of sitting in a moving car.
    3. The footage has been photo-shopped to make it look like two different limos.

    Then - on a related subject - there is this sequence which clearly show Brad looking forward at something, then turning away, looking very emotional and then putting his hand over his face.

    I tried to explain this as Brad, anticipating that he was going to have to let F2 go, arrives at Els Winery, sees that he has arrived and is overcome by emotion, but it could be something else (like he is leaving the FRC alone, for example)

    I guess what I getting at is that over the past few weeks there have been a series of issues arising from the limos that I keep trying to explain away believing that the FRC will be "normal" and straight forward. But I'm now beginning to wonder whether the evidence for something unusual or dramatic happening is mounting. Obviously I still don't know, but I'll pick away at it as time permits. Any thoughts?
    Holy Macaroni, the web of limo lies they weave!!

    Apologies for snipping down your post too, wanted to comment that I feel the same way, the tricks we're seeing - erasing the plate, flipping the photos, etc. may be a cover up for something simple...but something isn't adding up. The only thing we know for sure is the sc of him leaving his Villa. Where things go after that....still remains a mystery. One minor thing I don't get is why is the limo turning left out of Ernie El's (Brad watching it leave) when it should be turning right to get to the correct road. That sc isn't flipped! Weird.

    Is every limo in our sc's Mercedes?

    And your right, the S series sometimes has 2-toned interiors

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Screencap Discussion*

    Isnt the limo on the road the only one with a sunroof? or is it just the only one where we can see an open sun roof?
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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Screencap Discussion*

    Thank you Mr. Write for continuing to analyze Screen Caps - my fav part of sleuthing! I agree that there is something unusual with the multiple limos and timing. Pure speculation here . . . what if Brad went to the F2 location and let her go before the FRC, so his first limo ride would be to F2 location. Would the sun align with the limo trips and Brad's cap at the FRC podium at Ernie Els Winery? Another possible theory is that Brad's family stayed at the villa as the MTP location and Brad stayed at a different location. Perhaps he stopped at the villa on his way to FRC?

    One thing is for sure, South Africa offers the most beautiful scenery and photo op for TPTB and I am sure they used every opportunity for dramatic affect!

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Screencap Discussion*

    Quote Originally Posted by carefree2 View Post
    OH my now that would tie up loose ends wouldn't it..

    I was having a hard time reading the tourist website I was on, but to the best of my understanding, the Taal Monument is north west and the limo is heading south west, per Mr. Write's screen clips. If they had the FRC near dusk, then taking the very long route might prevent them from getting to the monument in time for the sunset/moonrise event. However, I struggled reading the map, and getting a location for the monument, so who knows[/QUOTE]

    Maybe there is one more helocoptr ride in store to get then to the last picnic and that is where they get engaged. 'Mly, may I have one very special helicoptor ride with you. Whisked off to the sunset/moonrise, cut to music, mly, will you marry me?
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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Screencap Discussion*

    just so I am reading everything right...we are believing that there are 2 different FRC locations...that Brad takes a limo to the first..then takes a limo to the 2nd..the winery...or have I missed something..I am confused..I know from the map that was shown earlier that someone did...looks like it is a long drive

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Screencap Discussion*

    If they got engaged at the FRC could he have flew the F1's family to SA to surprise her? And that's why there are two different locations?
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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Screencap Discussion*

    Quote Originally Posted by OhSe7en View Post
    If they got engaged at the FRC could he have flew the F1's family to SA to surprise her? And that's why there are two different locations?
    Very possible he flew MeAnna's dad in thinking he was going to propose to her. I can see him (especially since he didn't meet them) fly in Emily's dad and ask him for her hand
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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Screencap Discussion*

    We need more screen clips to check for shadows to indicate times and trips. This is the part of Fort I love

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Screencap Discussion*

    Quote Originally Posted by HotMomma View Post
    So this is what I was able to find:

    Is the FRC November 20th, 2010?

    I was not sure. If it is--

    There is a place close to Cape Town called Taal Monument and this area specializes in Full Moon Picnics(good gosh another picnic, but wouldn't that tie things up in neat lil bow!).
    One was scheduled on Nov 20th 2010.
    Per info I found: (moonrise 18:35, sunset 19:32) Visitors are welcome to bring their own picnic baskets or they can order a picnic basket (via MF and Team Shark Jumper?)

    This is roughly a 40 minute drive from Cape Town.
    I found a website (I have no idea what I'm allowed to post) that lists the sunrise and moonrise for any location you plug in for any date.

    It says that on November 20, 2010 in Capetown, South Africa moonrise was at 6:35 pm and it was 99.2% illuminated. It says that the sunset at 7:32 pm in Capetown South Africa on that same date. So the moon would have risen as the sun was setting.
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