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Thread: Bachelor 15 *Media*

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    Quote Originally Posted by Alanna View Post
    There is a picture of the canceled wedding invitation.
    Somebody sent a picture of Cori to somebody I know.. unfortunately it was of a different nascar girlfriend... ooops

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    Quote Originally Posted by Gina28 View Post
    Many things Cori said are true. Not sure about all of it. But, Emily did move to Nashville when she dated Jerrod N. the country singer, who is friends with Rachel Bradshaw, who dates TyBrown. Ty Brown has commented he and Emily have mutual friends in Nashville and that's why. I have good friends in Nascar, in the garage area. She loves dating guys in the spotlight. The Hendrick's were not happy about the move. Also, when she dated Dale, Jr. she was at the track with Ricki. This was of course, after Ricky now on the show, going to the track is devastating or whatever. Gimme a break. Not saying she is a bad person at all. Just her Mother Teresa perfect, almost virginal edit is hilarious to anyone who's ever been around her.
    I don't know a thing about Jerrod so I can't comment on that. Only know she loves CMT. But as far as Dale, Jr goes... of course lil Ricki was at the race track. Her Pop Pop is the king of Nascar and I'm sure Dale has met lil Rickie many many times. As far as dating him, that can easily be hidden from lil Rickie.Esp when it didn't last very long. She didn't say she had never dated. She just said, they had not been introduced as a BF. And she said she had not fallen in love with any of them. Only Emily knows what her heart feels.
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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    Quote Originally Posted by cupcakes View Post
    Elan is a producer on the show, correct? So chantal_obrien is an imposter?
    seems that way

    but i'm pretending otherwise because it passes the afternoon faster

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    Re: Who do you think is the F1?

    Quote Originally Posted by ironcat View Post
    Just thought I'd post this here since the Media thread is still closed. On The View today, Kathy Bates was on. She is apparently a big Bachelor fan- who knew? When asked who her pick was, she said Emily, although she really likes Chantal. Kathy, come chat with us!!
    Kathy Bates hopes Brad Womack, ‘The Bachelor’ chooses Emily Maynard | LIKE IT I DO

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