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Thread: Bachelor 15 *Media*

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    Quote Originally Posted by Cornfritter View Post
    "Everybody knows Emily was spending almost every Saturday at the racetrack," the source says. "It's not an emotional place for her. I don't get it." ("She's pissed off a lot of people in town.)"
    I wondered about this the minute I saw that episode, because I had known she hosted a show about racing. Seemed very strange to me. </p>

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    I just created a separate Twitter to follow Chantal.

    Big: You know, Manhattan has a lot of beautiful women.
    Carrie: What an amazing observation!
    Big: But the thing is, after awhile, you just wanna be with the one who makes you laugh.
    ~ Sex and the City

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    Quote Originally Posted by draven31 View Post
    ok one question. If Cori is so real and they were engaged. where are the pictures? They would have had an announcement in the Charlotte paper. A family as well known as the Hendricks in north carolina would have a full page spread..Where is it?
    Was there an announcement in the Charlotte paper about Ricky and Emily's engagement/nonengagement???

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    It's always been obvious Emily is not what she seems. She's been around the block more than once and little Ricki has met other boyfriends. That is a fact. Its all ridiculous editing.

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    Quote Originally Posted by TNmomof4 View Post
    Also, I would like to see a picture of her wearing the ring.
    Sorry, someone asked me the same thing. You can pm me and I'll get it for you but not today. Don't feel like finding it again but I will for those that are interested in seeing it.

    Off to another thread...
    Go wherever you go...... WITH ALL YOUR HEART

    I'm ready for the bach'ette Ash, now. My son is going to kill me if he lands on FORT these days seeing my new avatar

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    Cori is very, very real, and must know Emily very well now.

    Cori is married to Ryan, who produced the NASCAR show Emily starred in.

    If these are new quotes (and they are presented as such "exclusive interview"), then there was a falling out there, one must assume.

    Super interesting.

    Look, the "time spent with Ricki" thing has some truth to it by definition. She left her to be on a TV show for 8 weeks, with a present a day, some phone calls, and one visit. Let's try to stay a teensy bit "real," folks.

    Last observation about the article ... estranged from the Hendricks? That is interesting.

    My BS meter is pretty good. This magazine prints pure garbage all.the.time. Every single issue. Makes up crap, etc. This story, on the other hand, strikes me as having elements of truth. It's not all fiction.

    Laurel, our other Tabloid Friend, is pathetic, seeking her 15 minutes, all that is true. But there's an element of truth there as well, it seems to be. Brad was not a perfect boyfriend. He had many on again/off again times with her. And last summer something was up before he went on the show.

    If you look at what is undisputed in each case, the point of the story is not 100% off base.

    Poor little girl. Selfish Mommy. That part I will always believe! There are other ways to find a husband. Her appearance has smacked of career move from day one. I just haven't figured out her end game yet. But all will soon be revealed, as it always is!

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    Quote Originally Posted by Alanna View Post
    Cornfritter, thanks so much for the article! Quite frankly, it's messy, disgusting but hilarious nonetheless. Fleiss, why can't your Saints ever be normal?
    If they were normal then the Fleissmonster wouldn't want them

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    ha, so did Ricky take the ring from Em, give it to Cori, and then give back to Emily because she's wearing it with him here!

    There are also 40 other pictures that show a timeline of them together on Remembering Ricky Facebook!

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    Quote Originally Posted by BritLit View Post
    If you check IMDB, you will find that Ryan Kurek, the husband of Cori Tietsort Kurek of the InTouch article, was the Executive Producer of the Nascar television show, Three Wide Life. Three Wide Life was hosted by Emily Maynard. Cori's claims, therefore of not knowing Emily would seem absurd.

    Thats what I think too... I hardly believe that Cori would call up a mag, or answer a phone call from a mag, and 'Dish' out on anything like this at all. I'm pretty sure Cori has some class and has no hard feelings at all towards Emily. Or the Hendrick family. Afterall, she is married now and happily at that. She has no ill-will toward Emily.

    Now, that doesn't mean that some of Cori's so-called friends aren't broke, down in the dumps, needy, and wanting to cash in on some obviously old old gossip with maybe some information... But, unfortunately the only thing that maybe they got right was the names of the people in their story.

    This just goes to show... You can pick your friends, but you cant wipe them on the couch.

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    Re: Bachelor 15 *Media*

    Quote Originally Posted by mamasue1966 View Post
    A lot of us do, too!! At least Cori had to slum at In Touch!
    Have there been more excerpts posted of the article? I'm just curious because it seems like people are 100% sure that Cori ran to the magazine and was giving them some sort of exclusive. I'm almost positive that last year InTouch ran a feature with Ali where she was "quoted" about her spring wedding. Then they ran with some insider "comments" that made it seem like a real time interview. The insider comments were probably picked up from forum posts and the quotes from Ali were lifted from a previous interview with a completely separate media outlet.

    Cori's quotes here could be from half a decade ago for all I know. I don't love people running to the tabloids and I hate the trash they publish (particularly with a child involved,) but I'd guess that only Cori and Emily know 100% of the truth on this one.

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