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Thread: ***Rules - Please Read***

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    ***Rules - Please Read***

    Please make sure you read these rules before posting in this forum.

    Please only use the spoiler forum for discussing spoilers.

    This is a simple enough request and should be an easy rule to follow, but every season we delete thousands of messages that are not related to spoilers in any way.

    Please do not post throwaway references to spoilers in an attempt to make your post relevant to the spoiler forum.

    Posting your thoughts about the episode, who said what, who you like, who you don't like etc. then just tagging on something like, "I hope the spoiler about X being in the final 2 is correct..." is not acceptable. Please take any "favorites" posts to the tv show forum.

    Please do not make reference to people's avatars or conduct other personal chat in the spoiler forum.

    It may seem harmless to mention how much you like an avatar in your post, but doing so often sends the thread on page after page of off-topic chat which results in the staff receiving complaints from people who have to wade through it to find spoilers. Please take chat to pm or use one of the threads in the General discussion forum.

    Please don't use the spoiler forum as a chatroom.

    We realize that the spoiler forum gets the most traffic and people want to post where they are more likely to get responses, but please use the spoiler forum appropriately. If the tv show forum is used for 'chatty' posts about the show that forum will be a lot busier too. You should be able to post about a funny comment someone made or how much you liked a particular contestant and not reveal any spoiler information.

    Let speculators speculate.

    Chances are Reality Steve will be spoiling again this season. Although we won't have a speculation forum this season people are welcome to set up speculation threads. If someone wants to speculate that X will win because they think it was her freckled hand in the corner of a screen cap, please let them do so without going into the thread and telling them they're wrong because RS has already spoiled the winner. Please let people enjoy the show in their own way.

    Do not post personal information about contestants.

    This rule is covered more fully in another thread, but the gist is, please do not post any home or work addresses that are not mentioned on the program. Same goes for telephone numbers or email addresses. We don't care that the information might be readily available on the internet, we do not want it posted here.

    Please do not get into fights with other site members.

    If you feel someone has broken a rule please report the post by clicking on the red triangle beneath their name. We very much appreciate reported posts, they help us locate potential problems quickly, but please make sure you're reporting for a valid breach of our rules. As long as people keep within our other rules (e.g. pg13 language is used) contestants are fair game for negative comment, so please don't report a post because someone has said something negative about a contestant you like. We all watch the same show and as most of us don't know the contestants everything about them is up for interpretation. The opinion of someone who likes a contestant isn't automatically any more valid than the opinion of someone who doesn't.

    Thank you for your help and co-operation. Lets hope Brad and his Bachelorettes give us an enjoyable season.

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    Re: ***Rules - Please Read***

    Hi there.

    The Board itself is not a topic of conversation. We don't tolerate the posts that whine about Emily Fans who do this or complain about Chantal Fans who do that.

    To be clear, the Mods don't watch the show and are not on anyone's side. We don't allow either "side" to talk about the other in this fashion.

    We also do not allow you to draw lines and list posters on either side. This is the reason we disallowed contestant threads in this forum. You are free to agree or disagree with people, but to make a list of posters and say they are all on your side is ganging up on people, and we do not allow it.

    This forum should not need constant babysitting. Please try to remember how you would act if you were talking to people face to face, and not make sarcastic asides, mutter darkly about "SOME people choose not to see what I SEE" or anything aimed at other people.

    If you do not understand this rule:

    - you risk infractions
    - which lead to temporary bans
    - which lead to being banned for the final episodes
    - or which will lead to you being asked to leave FORT forever.

    So please cooperate, even if you think no one else is following the rules. Report a post if it is crossing the line. Don't make backhanded remarks about other people. Stick to the subject - the show!

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