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Thread: 8/13 SYTYCD 10: Top 10 Performance/Results **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 8/13 SYTYCD 10: Top 10 Performance/Results **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by zookeepertx View Post
    Exactly my objections to him! If somebody who won one version of the show can compete, then former non-winners on this version (or eliminated for injury *Alex Wong*) should be allowed to come compete again!
    In fairness, Alex WAS invited back to compete (or bare minimum perform as an all-star - I think the only one not in the top 10 to have that honor), but again injured the OTHER leg with the same injury and chose not to enter. I think he thought about his options, and decided being assured a spot (or a better chance) at being in a new dance company would be better than a chance at this top dancer. (though admittedly I think Alex would've won hands down - he's got the whole package AND is one of the most popular contestants to have appeared).

    That said, I DO agree with you in that if you have competed and won another version of the show you should be ineligible.

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    Re: 8/13 SYTYCD 10: Top 10 Performance/Results **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by inthegarden View Post
    I agree.

    I feel that the partnership of Aaron and Jasmine is what has helped both of them progress as far as they have in the competition.
    Not taking away from Aaron's talent as a dancer, in my opinion, he had another good partnership with Kathryn. I love to watch her dance.
    But that's what a good partner does. If they can help one another get better, more power to them. However for me, they both danced brilliantly when they were each with an all star, and that's what I look for.
    Tucker was better this week with Robert than he has been for a couple of weeks, so imho, his partnership before that did not work as well for him.
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    Re: 8/13 SYTYCD 10: Top 10 Performance/Results **West Coast Spoilers**

    I'm so over the pretend saving/voting/etc... The judges consitently save folks America sends to the bottom to make a certain tour ensemble, feed their egos, whateves, and it is really getting on my nerves! If the show is about "America's Favorite Dancer" then let America send home who they want to and stop the charade of the last chance solos (which they sometimes dont even do), the judges 'auto save' of a contestant (when there was a bottom three) based solely on their whims AND the previewing/decision making during the dress rehearsal by the dang judges (viewers voted on the previous week, not both).
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    Re: 8/13 SYTYCD 10: Top 10 Performance/Results **West Coast Spoilers**

    You'd think Nigel would have learned last year when what's-her-name (Mia's protege') kept getting voted into the bottom and he kept saving her, and after the first Top Ten night, she was sent home.

    I'm thinking the same thing will happen with Jenna.

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    Re: 8/13 SYTYCD 10: Top 10 Performance/Results **West Coast Spoilers**

    Earlier this season I had plenty to say about this apparent paradox in which America votes, but then it appears that Nigel is the one who selects the contestants that will be leaving. I even mentioned that Nigel who has highly favored both Jenna and MaKenzie from Vegas and had saved both of them several times would at some point most likely find himself in the spot where he would have to uncomfortably choose between them.

    On the face of it, it does appear that Nigel has a lot of power. However, after listening to Nigel make his rather frank (and I thought un-necessarily untactiful) remark to MaKenzie that he had been outvoted 9-6 to let her go in favor of Jenna, I began to understand a couple of things.
    (1) Nigel doesn't have as much power as I have ascribed to him. He did not get to keep his choice which was Makenzie (over Jenna).
    (2) We don't actually know if Nigel is really "saving" anybody.

    Who was really at the bottom of the heap and received the actual least number of viewer votes this week or any week? That is what we don't know. For all we know, the person who went home each week may well have been the person who really received the least amount of votes, and all the rest of that stuff was DRAMA!
    It may well be that the dramatic hype makes Nigel look much more powerful than he really is......

    Although no one knows exactly where this quote originated, it is largely attributed to Sigmund Freud ( who loved a cigar it is said) and to Groucho Marx who was always seen with one. It seems to fit this particularly situation, at least in my opinion.

    "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."
    The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything they have.

    ~ Author unknown

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    Re: 8/13 SYTYCD 10: Top 10 Performance/Results **West Coast Spoilers**

    Love, love, loved Jacob & Makenzie! I really miss seeing Jacob dance, and he brought out yet another level in Makenzie. Marko & Jasmine were funky great, along with great performances from Aaron & Katherine and Tucker & Robert. I had no idea these two men had faced such physical adversity. Poor Nico had no chance of staying on the show after Tucker & Robert danced.

    The all stars always raise the bar, and I enjoy watching the contestants rise to the challenge each week. They all looked positively nervous about the all stars choreographing next week!

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    Re: 8/13 SYTYCD 10: Top 10 Performance/Results **West Coast Spoilers**

    I bought my tix this AM for the tour. My seats stink. I was online ready to click buy the moment tix went on sale this year. The best available seats were in row 21. It is so incredibly irritating how volume buyers have some way to immediately suck up all of the good seats and then actual fans are forced to buy through stubhub or ebay at an incredible mark up or sit in the nosebleed area. Last year we wound up paying $800 for 2 tix 3rd row center. Now I need to decide if I just use the tix I bought and bring binoculars (this stinks) or suck it up and pay big money again. I'm just not sure I love the top ten this year enough to shell out that kind of dough. Last year it was so amazing to see Eliana, Will, Kheon, Cyrus, Whitney, Tiffany - it was her hometown - etc. in person and they put on such a fantastic show. I'm not sure I'm as truly captivated by many of this year's top 10. I guess I will wait to the end of the season and see. Anyway, I'm bummed, just wanted to vent.

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