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Thread: 7/23 SYTYCD 10: Top 16 Performance/Results

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    Re: 7/23 SYTYCD 10: Top 16 Performance/Results

    Quote Originally Posted by Harmony2000 View Post
    2nd dance (Tucker/Jenna) - all I could focus on was those bright red straps. I don't think the dance should have been all about the props, Travis. I had to watch it twice because I missed the entire dance due to being distracted by the red straps. Jenna is a really good dancer, I wish she was connecting more with the voting audience. .
    Same here. I didn't get all the rave reviews, because the big red straps were so in your face I couldn't even look at the dancers. It would have been much better and much more emotion if the straps had just been implied.
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    Re: 7/23 SYTYCD 10: Top 16 Performance/Results

    I also just watched the show (DVR'd) last night (my husband isn't into dancing shows). Nico and Alexis - a bit messy in both the choreography and the performance. Nico was okay, but Alexis was out of her element. Tucker and Jenna - I loved it. Tucker could win it all - just dance guy, don't talk (voice too prissy). Blueprint/Mariah - glad they are gone - didn't care for either one. Malece and Alan - terrible choreography. Alan is a great ballroom dancer (and one of my favorite guys) and Malece is adorable, but their height difference is too great and they look awkward together. Curtis and Hayley - she's good, he should stick to tapping. Amy and Fikshun - they are one of my favorite couples. She is adorable and so is he. He amazes me every week. He is so quick at picking up every style and very strong for such a small framed guy. I think his martial arts helps (plus just raw talent). Paul and Mackenzie - I loved this routine. It was sexy and beautifully danced. Paul is another one of my favorite guys (besides I like pretty boys, especially Latin looking pretty boys). I think Paul will be the ballroom dancer who will make it to the top 10 rather than Alan. He is more adept at the different styles. Aaron and Jasmine - she is absolutely gorgeous and moves so well, especially for such a big girl. He is the tapper who has adapted best to the different styles. Although I love this couple, I thought the dance was a bit messy in the execution. The one thing I worry about with her is that if he gets eliminated - who could they match her up with? Except for Alan, she might be a bit big for most of the other guys to lift. They used to have the individual dancers draw the names for who they would partner. I think they will match them up with all stars once they get down to the top 10.
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