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Thread: Most memorable routines this season

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    Most memorable routines this season

    Usually every season has a few standout performances, routines that you rewatch a couple of times or that you remember weeks after they aired. What have been the most memorable routines for you this season?

    Strangely enough, nothing is coming to my mind at the moment. I'll have to look back over the episode threads to remind myself if there were any routines I particularly liked at the time.

    Actually, I just thought of one! The kitty cat routine Will and Amelia did. I don't remember the specifics of the routine but I remember enjoying it at the time and thinking it was a perfect part for Amelia. I liked her retro look and quirky personality and was sad when she was eliminated from the show.
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    Re: Most memorable routines this season

    I had to look up this season on Wikipedia to remember all of the dances.

    Here are my faves:

    *Intro episode: Travis's contemporary routine for the Top 10 girls with the light and the door...that was gorgeous
    *Top 20: the "Mad Men" group routine choreographed by Christopher Scott
    *Top 20: Audrey and Matthew's Top 20 routine with the couch (also choreographed by Travis)
    *Top 10: Alex and Eliana's Top 10 routine..."Bang Bang" (choreographed by Stacey Tookey)
    *Top 8: Twitch's hip-hop with Witney - that girl KILLED it even in those ridiculous pants. I just love how she still looked so ladylike but really got down.
    *Top 6: Chehon and Kathryn's Top 6 contemporary with the suitcase (choreographed by Tyce and I usually DO NOT like his stuff)

    Are any of these routines that I'll watch on YouTube years later? (I still have several that I do that with.) Nah...not really. I was little disappointed that Chehon used "The End" for his solo last night because that routine with Kent and Neil is SO memorable and one of my favorites.

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    Re: Most memorable routines this season

    Amber & Brandon's jazz piece was very memorable for me. Chehon & Allison's Stacey Tookey piece keeps running through the my head, as well. Tiffany & Brandon's disco was so fun! Also really loved Will & Lauren's Christopher Scott hip hop. I could watch that routine over & over again

    Can't wait for tomorrow's show!

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