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Thread: 8/29 Show Discusson Thread *Spoilers*

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    Re: 8/29 Show Discusson Thread *Spoilers*

    Maybe they just like him( those voting for him) I knew quite a few people that voted for Bristol only because they saw her improve over others. They weren't voting for her mum, they voted for her, so tough noogies to those that didn't care for her.

    I still say its rigged and I dont think the judges feel silly in the least

    All it's doing is making this show, like most of the other competitive shows, lose more and more credibility each season.
    Quite possibly, but I still watch for the dancing If not I would FF through it
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    Re: 8/29 Show Discusson Thread *Spoilers*

    I thinks it's good to have a variety of dance styles and levels. If they don't do that, it'll be a snoozefest. They are casting for a reality TV show, not a dance competition. Cyrus has a lot of support outside of the dance world. Yes, folks are voting for him because they like him, and they think his dance style is cool. I, personally, no longer vote and just enjoy the journey. Where else can I see this variety of choreography and creativity performed with such earnest heart for the cost of my cable bill?

    Ultimately, I really don't think Cyrus will win. As the other more skilled dancers are leaving the competition, their votes are being absorbed by the remaining highly-skilled dancers. Also, the finale is very grueling with all of the dances that have to be learned in a short amount of time. Both Cole and Chehon are very likeable in their own right, and it's also going to take skill to win this competition on that night.
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    Re: 8/29 Show Discusson Thread *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    Totally agree. It was so obvious that the Mandy Moore dumbed down the choreography for Cyrus last week. It's just embarrassing how the judges talk him up and never mention his dancing ability. It's all about his personality and how he's improved. He's still nowhere NEAR any of the other guys who made top 20.
    Finally! I have been driving my daughter who introduced me to sytycd) crazy, insisting that all the group dances are "dumbed down" for Cyrus (or at least his parts). He spends most of the time in the back, playing with props (the one where he was sweeping for almost the entire number), or constantly lifting, pulling, pushing, or posing with a female dancer. Not much dancing that I can see. Not a Cyrus hater here at all..as Nigel said...nobody in the final 10 can do what he can. But he is so glaringly weak at so many things (except determination, humility , and likeability).

    I agree...if he wins, it will really be a blow to the show's credibility...."best dancer" or "fav dancer"---imo, at least "one of the best" is a given.
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    Re: 8/29 Show Discusson Thread *Spoilers*

    I agree with the general consensus that Cyrus is NOT the best dancer and should not be in the final, and should not have even been in the top 20. His learning curve is way too steep for this show. If, as Nigel has said, it is about popularity and not skill, then why on earth are they being judged on skill? If popularity is the key, and not skill and adaptability, then this will no longer be among my favorite shows. If I want to see amateurish dancers who have a lot of charisma and little skill, I'll watch Dancing With The Stars (which I rarely watch any more). Actually, the whole concept of SYTYCD and most of the dancers (except Cole, Chehon, and Will) this season have left me cold. The girls are also just lukewarm in skill and personality. I am just not feeling it this season.

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